Never a dull moment on Staten Island! We recap eventful Island news.

All about Forest Avenue:


Forest Avenue located in Staten Island is one of the most popular avenues located across the whole Island. It was State Route 439 in New York. In 1968, this numbered road completely vanished. Even though the number was dropped in New York, it crossed the Goethals Bridge into New Jersey and is still in use as Route 439 in Elizabeth, New Jersey. In order to facilitate transit from the Staten Island Ferry to New Jersey through the Elizabeth Ferry, Forest Avenue, a major east-west thoroughfare on Staten Island, was built.

Today's journey starts in Silver Lake and travels east through crowded sections of northern Staten Island, including a variety of commercial centers, a complex of movie theaters, residential neighborhoods,…

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Then and Now Theaters of Staten Island:


Richmond County once had many beautiful old movie theaters that added to the rich culture and environment of Staten Island. By now, almost all of these theatres are closed but we continue to appreciate the film industry by the opening of many new theaters on Staten Island today.

The Palace Theater: This theater was located on 300 Broadway, in the West New Brighton section of Staten Island. I believe the theater opened in 1924. It is said that first run movies were featured there. It closed when television became popular and more people were staying home to watch television. Money was a consideration at the time this theater was open.

The Empire Theater: This theater was located on 3094 Richmond Terrace,…

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The History of St. George Theatre:


One of the main attractions on the North Shore of Staten Island is the St. George Theatre. The St. George Theatre is a major performing arts venue. This staple venue was built in the year of 1929 on December 4th. It is an arts venue, picture palace and office complex located at 35 Hyatt Street. This 2 million dollar theater can hold up to 2,800 people and is a must see place while in Staten Island.

In 1928, construction first began. Following the construction this theatre had its fair share of owners and shows that were shown during their time. Solomon Brill, who operated six other theatres on the Island and in the wider New York region, had the theater constructed for him. He pledged to bring world-class…

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Kid Friendly Places to Visit:


Staten Island has many different activities for all kids all across the island. Activities range from the museum to even indoor arcades, to even the zoo. Staten Island is filled with a plethora of activities for your kids, nieces, nephews and even grandkids to enjoy.

The Staten Island Museum has many different activities for young children. The different exhibits that are displayed are entertaining for all ages. The Staten Island Museum is one of the oldest museums in the entire New York City. Located in Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden, this is a must see place. This extremely old museum was founded in 1881 and is celebrating its 140th year. The Staten Island Museum contains an abundance of exhibits…

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Favorite Places to Hike on Staten Island:


The activity of taking lengthy walks, especially in a rural or forest setting is what is known as a hike. Staten Island is home to many trails to take a scenic walk and look at the beauty that Staten Island has to offer. Some trails vary from the Greenbelt Conservancy to High Rock Park and many more with different paths that make you want to visit over and over again.

One of the most popular hiking trails on Staten Island is the Greenbelt Conservancy. The Greenbelt Conservancy has many different trails all throughout that are highly populated. A trail named Paulo’s Peak named after Thomas A. Paulo (1947-2020), the first Greenbelt Administrator and creator of the Greenbelt Conservancy, who subsequently…

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Views from the Ferry:


The Staten Island Ferry is a passenger ferry service run by NYC’s Department of Transportation. It is a free way to travel between the boroughs of Manhattan and Staten Island. The ferry travels a single route around New York Harbor for 5.2 miles in roughly 15-20 minutes on average. The ferry is located in St. George of Staten Island and travels to Whitehall of Manhattan. The Staten Island Ferry is not necessarily only used by tourists as it is also used by commuters but there are still beautiful views that can be caught during the ride.

While traveling on the Staten Island Ferry, there are many tourist views that can be spotted during the ride. Traveling on the Ferry gives the people the opportunity to see the skyline of…

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All About the YMCA Located on Staten Island:


The YMCA is the top nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening communities by giving young people the tools they need, enhancing the health and wellbeing of people of all ages, and motivating change within and between communities. There is access to the swimming pool, basketball courts, and state of the art equipment and even group fitness classes depending on your location.nThe Staten Island YMCA has two locations across Staten Island accommodating both the people of the North Shore and the South Shore.

The Staten Island Broadway YMCA is located near Clove Lakes Park and the South Shore YMCA is located in Eltingville. The YMCA is one of the main gyms for all families. The YMCA contains many…

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About Golf Courses Located Here on the Island:


Golf is a heavily played sport on Staten Island. Staten Island has many golf courses all across the Island to learn more about each one keep reading

La Tourette Golf Course is a highly recommended course located on Richmond Hill Road. This golf course goes back all the way from 1836 and is part of Staten Island’s Greenbelt. End of May sees the yearly New York City Amateur Championship, while June sees The March of Dimes Celebrity Charity Event. This 6708-yard, par-72 course maintains a high standard to guarantee that your experience is nothing short of exceptional. It offers vistas of undulating hills and valleys as well as the charming establishment of Richmond Town. La Tourette also has the…

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Different Styles of Homes Located in Staten Island

If you took a drive around Staten Island, homes in different locations either have similar architectural styles or drastically different architectural styles. The real estate market on Staten Island is always changing. It does, however, have an excessive number of linked dwellings and patchwork properties. Staten Island is quickly becoming known as among the top five markets in the country for large, lavish, single-family houses. Architects claim that design is impacted by a location's physical characteristics, such as climate, geography, and site features, as well as its social characteristics; culture, industry, design style, or history. It's critical that their structure be seen from a certain…

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Staten Island's Very Own Purchase the Kennedy Boat

Two members of the Saturday Night Live cast, Pete Davidson and Colin Jost, took part in an auction in which a group of investors bought $280,100 for a disused ferry boat in the hopes of "restoring a piece of New York." Pete and Colin were members of a partnership that won the auction with the winning offer. Davidson and Jost teamed up with Paul Italia, the owner of a comedy club who is best known for his real estate career, in which he has been a top producer for the past seventeen years. Italia was the one who performed all of the group's bidding.

The group of purchasers has been described as a collection of like-minded New York City locals, with Davidson and Jost becoming involved because…

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