Never a dull moment on Staten Island! We recap eventful Island news.

Different Styles of Homes Located in Staten Island

If you took a drive around Staten Island, homes in different locations either have similar architectural styles or drastically different architectural styles. The real estate market on Staten Island is always changing. It does, however, have an excessive number of linked dwellings and patchwork properties. Staten Island is quickly becoming known as among the top five markets in the country for large, lavish, single-family houses. Architects claim that design is impacted by a location's physical characteristics, such as climate, geography, and site features, as well as its social characteristics; culture, industry, design style, or history. It's critical that their structure be seen from a certain…

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Staten Island's Very Own Purchase the Kennedy Boat

Two members of the Saturday Night Live cast, Pete Davidson and Colin Jost, took part in an auction in which a group of investors bought $280,100 for a disused ferry boat in the hopes of "restoring a piece of New York." Pete and Colin were members of a partnership that won the auction with the winning offer. Davidson and Jost teamed up with Paul Italia, the owner of a comedy club who is best known for his real estate career, in which he has been a top producer for the past seventeen years. Italia was the one who performed all of the group's bidding.

The group of purchasers has been described as a collection of like-minded New York City locals, with Davidson and Jost becoming involved because…

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NYC’s First Outlet Mall; BFC’s Empire Outlets, heads into Foreclosure

Empire Outlets is an outdoor retail mall on Staten Island's north shore. It boasts an oceanfront view and is directly next to the ferry. Unfortunately, the BFC partners and major lenders at Goldman Sachs and Sterling National Bank have all decided to foreclose on the property.

The 340,000-square-foot mall will remain open for the time being, but due to the pandemic, the project began missing loan repayments to the New York City Economic Development Corporation around the midpoint of 2020, with more than half of its storefronts remaining vacant and ferry rides to the island at an all-time low, down 65 percent from the previous year.

While the empire outlets may appear…

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Former Real Estate Agent and Now CEO Gives Back to the Staten Island Community Once Again

SG Blocks “reduces the cost and carbon footprint of any construction project.” They build greener with their 100% recycled and repurposed materials, they also have a fast turnaround time as their construction period is reduced by 40%. They build for less; SG Blocks projects end up saving you 10 to even 20% on construction costs. The CEO of SG Blocks is Paul Galvin, a Staten Island resident who brings 25 years of experience in real estate and developing projects. Galvin’s real estate experience includes residential condominiums, luxurious sales, market rate, and low-cost rental complexes.

Due to Paul Galvin’s persistence and his hard work, his company was…

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Incredibly Blessed To Live On Staten Island!

As we plunge into the holiday season, it's all about giving back to those in need. A dojo in Eltingville knows this spirit of charity better than anyone else. 

Earlier this month, Bushido Dojo of the South Shore hosted its annual throw-a-thon. Sensei David Goodwin started this fundraiser 8 years ago to help the nonprofit organization, Incredibly Blessed. This event devotes a day for martial arts students to complete as many judo throws as possible within 60 seconds. Sponsors pledged donations per throw, ranging from a quarter all the way to $10. According to the organization's founder, Annmarie Cotello, Incredibly Blessed is working with Staten Island University Hospital to provide toys, games, and…

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Tom Crimmins Realty Presents $1000 To P.S. 53

P.S. 53January 29th, 2019, marked the the beginning of the, first ever, "Tom Crimmins Realty - $1000 School Spirit Giveaway!" It was a social media contest devised by the realty firm to give any school's athletic program on Staten Island (excluding High School and Colleges) an opportunity to win $1000. Tom Crimmins Realty began this contest with two goals in mind - to promote school spirit, and connectivity within the schools, as well as, to promote a sense of community around Staten Island. Judging by the results of the contest, it would be safe to say that their goals were reached. The Facebook and Instagram competition, which could've been found on the company's respective social media pages…

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Even when a seller and buyer agree on a price for a home, the deal can collapse if the property appraises for less than that price.


Here are the unexpected items you need to move out of your bathroom, post haste.


3 reasons to get to know your neighbors ASAP.



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Hailing from none other than Arrochar, local celebrity Elissa Montanti is working hard to improve the lives of children all around the world.

It all started in 1997, after reading the poignant words of Kenan Malkic, a child who lost both arms and one leg in the Bosnian civil war. “God and all merciful people to help me getting prosthetics," he pleaded, and Elissa could not ignore. Elissa faced a period of depression following the loss of her relatives, that left her confused and lost. However, she was inspired by the struggle of children in Bosnia-Herzegovina, a province of former Yugoslavia, during their bloody civil war. She initially appealed to the United Nations ambassador to Bosnia asking to send supplies to children of the region, a province of…

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Why are Beach Cleanups Important? 

Have you ever wondered what happens to the trash that is left on the beach? Sometimes it stays there for a while, but most of the time it is harming animals living in the oceans and beaches. When the trash that we leave behind on the beach gets into our oceans, animals can easily mistake the vast amount of trash as their certain food source. An example of this action is with sea turtles because when a sea turtle sees a plastic bag floating around in the ocean, they might mistake it for a jellyfish and then swallowing it as a whole. This can be extremely harmful to the sea turtles because eating that plastic bag is bad for their health. The plastic bag can prevent the sea turtles from eating anymore, thus, cause it to…

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The construction of the Empire Outlets has brought new excitement to New York City residents and tourists alike. Its prime location at the base of the Staten Island Ferry Terminal is perfect for those coming from all five boroughs. St.George's transformation into a desirable destination for residents and tourists alike can be awarded to companies such as BFC Partners and Goldman Sachs who invest millions of dollars to revamp beautiful NYC destinations such as St. George. The outlets are being built adjacent to the New York Wheel, which is going to be the tallest observation wheel in the world, as well as walking distance from the Staten Island Yankees ballpark, Lighthouse Point, and the St.George Historic Park. 

The opening date was first set to be…

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