When a homeowner makes the decision to upgrade flooring in an area or throughout the home, there are numerous materials that may be considered. While each material option has its unique benefits and advantages, many are drawn to hardwood flooring as an option. 

A Durable, Long-Lasting Material

Many flooring options need to be replaced or upgraded over the years. However hardwood flooring offer a timeless appeal and durability. In fact, with periodic maintenance and regular care of hardwood floors, some hardwood floors may provide the homeowner with 50 years or more of use.

Numerous Stylish Options

Hardwood floors have a universal appeal, and this increases the desirability of the home to future home buyers. This is especially true when a more…

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Mistakes are made in most home selling. Hopefully we can help by listing the top 5 common mistakes so you can avoid them.

Neglecting Repairs

By refusing the inevitable, you're only hurting the selling process because potential buyers will turn away. If you think you can still slide by with the damage your home has - your buyers will have an inspection, and all the issues will be identified and needed repairs will be suggested. You will have to fix any damage, credit money to the buyer, or drop your price.

Don't Let Ego & Emotions Take Front Seat

It's always hard to part with an anchor where memories were created. The best way to approach the sale of your home is to be completely emotionally detached and to handle the sale like any other…

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In typical real estate transactions, the terms of purchase and other factors may be negotiated at different times throughout the process. For example, the contract may be negotiated at the time the original offer is made, but revisions to the contract may be negotiated after the property inspection has been completed.

Research All Factors

Researching includes everything from market conditions and how long the property has been on the market to how competitively priced the real estate is, how many other buyers there are and more. A successful negotiation may be about achieving specific, desired goals, but in most cases, there will be a bit of give and take on both parties' parts in order to find success. 

Understand All Motives And Influences

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While each home is unique, there are a few renovation projects that homeowners could benefit from. In fact, these are a few simple and easy projects that typically can be completed over the course of a weekend and that can add value and desirability to the home.

Replace The Front Door

Curb appeal is a big category that the front door falls in. Replacing an older door that lacks style or that is plagued with signs of wear and tear can improve both property value and curb appeal. Many homeowners who have basic tools and some do-it-yourself experience with other projects will be able to replace the front door without extra help needed from a contractor. If replacement is something you'd like to avoid, try a fresh coat of paint. You can look at these…

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From the sales price to the general layout of the home, there are numerous factors that home buyers will consider when touring homes. However, with good comes some bad. These are top warning signs for home buyers.

Signs Of Poor Home Maintenance

Most homes are going to have some signs of wear and tear, unless they are new construction. However, it is also reasonable to expect that sellers have taken the time to improve the property before listing. When a home appears to be in poor condition on a superficial level, buyers should consider what non visible parts of the home have also been poorly maintained too.

A Foul Odor

It is common for sellers to try to make their home smell appealing, and go crazy on the Febreze. But buyers should question…

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If you haven't read or heard before, now is the time to buy! Below are inventory reports for September 2014 and September 2015, as well as comparisons. It is evident that much has improve this past year.

September Staten Island Real Estate Market Sale Sides

Month Year Monthly Sales Monthly Volume Avg Sale $ Median Sold $
September 2015 373 $189,577,045 $508,249 $429,000

Comparing September 2015 to last year's month, Staten Island's real estate market had a healthy increase in sale sides from 306 to 373.

Month Year Monthly Sales Monthly Volume Avg Sale $ Median Sold $
September 2014 306 $136,374,073 $445,666 $403,264

The monthly and average sales of September 2015 has a remarkable increase from last year's numbers. 

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It's not uncommon that you'll see one of our agents in the news. Victoria Droumbakis is gala Chairperson for the Staten Island Mental Health Society (SIMHS). 

This week the SIMHS held a breakfast at LiGreci's Staaten to celebrate this year's School Reading Volunteer program. 

"The reading program has over 200 volunteers, spread across 25 Staten Island elementary schools....Each volunteer received three books of various reading levels to bring with them when they begin visiting schools."

What separates this program from others is it's one-on-one attention between volunteer and child.

Victoria has said, "Getting involved in my community is something that I think is very important, I try to give back wherever I can. As a board member of the…

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Yesterday, October 1st, one of our agents, Francine Gilberto, attended the Staten Island Health and Wellness Expo at the Hilton Garden Inn. where the Jewish Community Center (JCC) announced Tobacco Free Staten Island. The TFSI is dedicated to promote a healthy, tobacco-free norm where Staten Islanders live, work and play. JCC also has been the home to Reality Check for almost 15 years; Reality Check meets weekly and "is a teen-led adult supported program working across New York State. Youth are equipped with the knowledge to combat the industry and take a stance on issues concerning them."

The TFSI and Reality Check have 4 aspects in which they are taking action in: Point of Sale, Tobacco-Free Outdoors, Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing and Smoke Free…

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Hoffman Island, Staten Island // courtesy: meadowblog.com

So you were walking the FDR Boardwalk this summer and always wondered what rested between us and Brooklyn. There are two artificial islands called Hoffman Island and Swinburne Island that rest undisturbed in the Lower New York Bay. The National Park Service currently manages both Islands for Gateway National Recreation Area.

In the 1870s, Hoffman and Swinburne were constructed from landfill, and designated as quarantine quarters for arriving immigrants who suffered from contagious diseases. Concrete walls served as barricades around island to prevent any epidemic from occuring. 

When WW1 occurred and the United States passed the Immigration Act in 1923, the number of immigrants decreased.…

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