Sometimes it is hard to keep your home refreshed or up to date in the today's market. We showcase some home tips we think could be helpful before you choose to sell, or if you would just like to keep your home maintained.

What to look for during a Walkthrough:


The walkthrough of the home is the last opportunity for the buyers to inspect and observe the home before the closing. During the final walkthrough, the buyers and the agent travel through the house room by room to ensure that the quality of the home is still maintained. The walkthrough gives the new buyer the opportunity to make sure that the seller’s belongings are moved out and the items are not going to be there when they move in.

The final walkthrough is often attended by the buyer and their real estate agent only. They might get assistance from the real estate agent as they go through. What the purchasers should look for during the walkthrough may be better known to an agent. If there is a problem…

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Ways to Keep Your Home Safe:


When you are a homeowner or renting out, making sure that your home is protected can be very important and the first step to feeling safe. You may avoid common mishaps like falls and be safeguarded against emergencies like fires by keeping your house secure and free of hazards. To keep you and those you love safe, adopt some healthy behaviors around your house.

One safety tip that can protect your home is getting certificates for your home. These certificates protect the home and confirm that the environment is safe to live in. In some countries it is mandatory but it is just a good precaution to get an inspection done to ensure that the electric fittings, appliances, and gas appliances are safe to use, even if you…

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What You Should Know About Eminent Domain:


The eminent domain is the right that the government possesses to acquire private property for the use of the public. Since the government takes the private property for public use, a payment of compensation is given to the owners of the property. The eminent domain is involved within the fifth amendment which states that the U.S government is able to use private property or assets that benefit the public domain.

The benefits of eminent domain was making sure that landowners receive appropriate compensation for their property as per their constitutionally protected right is the most crucial aspect of any eminent domain operation. No matter what public advantage results from the condemnation, the…

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Back on Market and Price Reductions on Office Listings:


As we have stated previously on past blogs if the home you are trying to sell has been on the market for a longer period of time than other properties in the region, the realtor may recommend a price reduction. In certain cases, homes have been taken off the market for various reasons, for a number of reasons, a listing may be temporarily removed from the market. The seller could be on a trip and unable to accept any offers while away, for instance. Alternatively, the seller could be remodeling or fixing the house. Listed below are some of our latest office listing price reductions over the past month or listings that were put back on the market.

Back On Market Listing:

215 Hart Avenue…

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The Importance of a Title Search:


When it comes to purchasing a home, a title search is a main thing that goes into the process of purchasing a home. A title search is a particular kind of search that reveals all the information on the title of your house. The results of the search will reveal the true owner, the existence of any tax liens against your property, and any other relevant information. This search confirms the ownership of the property and examines the public record of the home.

For a title search in the state of New York, title agencies may charge anywhere between $150 and $500. As an extra measure of protection against any possible issues following the closing, almost all lenders will want title insurance; this is often paid for…

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How Much it is to Sell Your Home:


If you are thinking about selling your home soon or even after the expensive holiday season that is right around the corner. There are costs you should be aware of that come in hand with selling your home. It all goes hand in hand with the decisions you choose to make in the process of selling. If you want to redo parts of your home or even repaint, you will need to spend a little extra money. You may even need to pay realtor fees, attorney fees, transfer taxes, and all of the other expenses while selling your home.

Although the market may be hot right currently, with over-ask bids and bidding battles becoming the norm, many potential home sellers are unaware that selling their house still incurs fees. Some…

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Pros and Cons of Dual Agency:


When it comes to Real Estate, there are many terms always being thrown around when you are working with an agent. As someone who could be new to the world of real estate all these worlds and phrases getting thrown around could be overwhelming. Today we are going to discuss what a Dual Agency is.

The Dual Agency is when both the seller of the property and the buyer of the property use one agent to represent the both of them. In New York State, dual agency is acceptable as long as the requirements for written disclosure are satisfied. All real estate brokers and agents must expressly disclose to the buyer, seller, or both of the transaction in New York. Dual agency allows the process to go smoothly since only one…

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Lead Paint Law in New York:


When it comes to selling a home or buying, you may hear about the lead paint laws. The lead paint law ensures the safety of the hazardous lead paint in houses that used lead paint. This law requires all of the landlords to confirm that the paint on the walls is safe and does not contain lead by hiring a trained professional. In 1960, New York City outlawed the use of lead-based paint in residential construction, and in 1978, the federal government outlawed the selling of lead-based paint in commercial settings.

Lead paint can be extremely dangerous and harmful for people of all ages. The lead paint law is designed for the people in order to make sure that all precautions are taken to ensure the safety of all people…

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Pros & Cons of a Handyman Special:


When it comes to buying or selling a home, have you ever heard of the term “The Handyman Special.” It is a specific home being sold at a lower price due to the amount of work and repairs that are needed to be put back into the house. Houses that need lots of restorments and work are known as the Handyman Special. Finding your ideal house at an affordable price is proving to be almost impossible or are you interested in a fantastic deal on your future house? Or the complete opposite, are you looking to flip a home? There are several factors that might influence your decision to buy a handyman special as your future house. Investing in these homes could be beneficial based on the amount of work that has to be put…

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Guest Blog by: Jude Romano - Founder & CEO of The Insurance Goat

One of topics at top of the surface today... is rising insurance cost.

It's important for consumers to understand what is going on and why a big change in pricing. The cost to rebuild a home has gone up significantly due to material cost rising. The insurance companies are raising coverages due to the rising cost to rebuild.

The cost of insurance from a year ago is up between 25-40%. Within good reason of inflation hitting even the insurance industry. Some best practices are available to help mitigate some of the increases.

For tips on how to reduce rates be sure to stay in touch with The Insurance Goat. Call us @ 1-833 INS GOAT, visit us @ & Follow us…

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