Picture this: Feeling the wind blow, rustling the leaves on the sky-high trees. No obscene traffic or horrendous car horns whaling over the chirping of birds. Walking a short distance to a quiet place along freshly cut green grass and a variety of colorful flowers. 

Although a relatively small square within a big island, Westerleigh Park plays a large role in its community as the site of countless school performances, field trips, dance lessons, art exhibits, seasonal festivals, and holiday performances. (x)

Westerleigh Park has improved immensely over the years and was even featured in New York Times.

Stephanie Slepian from the Staten Island Advance reported back in November 2013 the park had $1.2 million in capital improvements:


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Get out the soaking bucket and scraping tool, wallpaper is coming back into style. Wallpaper is going to help you accomplish a fashionable living space faster and easier than you could have imagined. It's time to get with the trends, and give your home a quick and easy facelift!

A World Of Design With Wallpaper

With many patterns and styles available, suddenly your home's imperfections can easily be hidden. You can give the small room in your home a facelift with a wallpaper pattern with vertical stripes, instantly making the room feel larger. Or you can suddenly have the accent wall you've always dreamed of but have been to afraid to commit to, creating a focal point behind the bed in your master bedroom, or behind the sofa in the living room. Or…

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Staten Island's real estate market is still on the upside. April 2014 had a sight monthly sales decrease but increase in average sale price in camparison to April 2013.

Staten Island April 2014 Real EstateLast month, the Island had 241 sale sides with a monthly volume of $96,902,646. This differentiates to April 2013's 255 with a monthly volume of $100,133,380. There was an increase monthly sales from March 2014 to April 2014. 

Month Year Monthly Sales Monthly Volume Avg List $ Avg Sale $ Median Sold $ Avg DOM
April 2014 241 $96,902,646 $426,255 $402,085 $375,000 135

Staten Island wrapped April up with an average sale price of $426,255. This is a small increase from the $422,374 that was raked in April. There was also an improvement of…

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Even the most aesthetically pleasing homes can have mold issues. A type of fungus that thrives on moisture, mold can trigger symptoms such as itching eyes, asthma attacks and bouts of sneezing or coughing. As a result of the possible health issues, mold is the sort of problem that should be dealt with prior to listing a home.

For those who are in the market to buy a home or those who are under contract - should hire a licensed professional to conduct a mold test. Here is a rundown of five places in the home where mold could be hiding.

Not On The Kitchen Menu

We all have saved leftovers; however, not all of us remember what is in our fridges and forget. WhatsCookingAmerica says it best, "While most molds prefer warmer temperatures, they can grow…

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By: Daniel Boxman of United Northern, NMLS ID# 1077102

What is a home appraisal and why do lenders need to know my home’s value?

An appraisal is a report that outlines an appraiser’s professional opinion of your property’s value at a specific point in time, based on specific factors. These factors include the location of the property, square footage, age and room count. The appraiser will also take into account what comparable properties have recently sold for in your area. 

Whether you’re refinancing or buying, a bank must have a good idea of the value of your home because it determines your maximum approvable loan amount. Once they have your home’s value, they can determine your loan-to-value ratio. Your loan-to-value ratio is one of the…

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Access to clean water is a privilege that, unfortunately, many people still take for granted. Cutting down on consumption whenever possible is something that everyone can do to live a little greener.

Making Sure Your Home Holds Water

Ensure your home is free of water leaks. Make your way through your home, and properly shut off the water at all fixtures and faucets - including air-cooling systems and other devices that use water. Read your water meter, wait two hours (without using any water), and check it again. If your water meter gives you two different readings, you are losing water somewhere, and the problem needs farther investigating. Most issues are easily repaired or upgraded, but sometimes a fresh efficient start may be a simpler…

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Do you ever think to yourself that "there's nothing to do on Staten Island"? Well...you are wrong. Besides the usual shopping at Staten Island Mall, going to Ralph's Ices or the movies, Staten Island has a lot more to offer:

  1. The Staten Island Zoo is always a focal point when school is out. The Zoo recently had new additions to its exotic inventory. There are also class/group programs specified for age groups.
  2. Need to blow off some fun without getting in trouble? 5050 Skatepark is NYC's open indoor skate park and is opened 7 days a week to all bikes, skateboards, scooters, and rollerbladers. They also offer summer sessions up to 8 weeks long.
  3. Staten Island Children's Museum urge to nurture the creativity and curiosity natural to all children,…

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