What aren't you able to access on your phone these days? If the answer is "nothing," you are 100% correct! Everything is accessible right at the tip of your fingers, even paying for your groceries in the store. This past summer we wrote about the best apps to use for your real estate needs and started a social media series.

So here are some apps to help manage your important and challenging mortgage payments for both iPhone and Android.

1.) Mortgage Mentor

This app is available for both Apple and Android users. It can calculate PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) for adjustable rate and variable rate mortgages, and it can help you to determine the true cost of a mortgage. You can track your account information in real-time, or you can manipulate the…

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Agent Frank Mondelli hosted a Broker Open House on Willow Pond Road, and showcased the home's great features to fellow agents.

So you just listed your home on the market with a respectable agent from Tom Crimmins Realty, what can you do to attract potential buyers? Hosting an open house should be on top of that list. 

But did you know there is such a thing call Broker's open house? We know, it's like you learn something new every day!

What is a Broker's Open House?

A broker's open house is hosted by the selling agent and showcases the MLS listed home to other brokers and real estate professionals whose clients who might be interested, while answering any questions. This open house is not open to the public.

According to…

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When you're staging a home for sale, you want to make it as appealing as possible for obvious reasons. Even if the outdoors aren't exactly in your favor, you can still create an unforgettable interior that will leave everyone impressed and longing for a second look...or maybe even an offer to purchase.

Embrace The Season

Catch the seasonal spirit and place festive accents throughout the home like Christmas trees, ornaments and holiday vignettes. Although there are many possibilities for wintertime decorations, be sure your choices are tasteful, but not overdone. Too many blinking lights or faux wreaths can look tacky, so use your best judgment as you decorate. "Less is more" rings quite true in this scenario.

Keep It Clean

If you live in an…

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One of the first (and very important) steps in qualifying for a mortgage is to have your bank run your credit report. Your credit report has a major impact on what type of mortgage loan you qualify for.

What is on my credit report?

 Your credit report will consist of three separate scores from each of the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Transunion and Experian. The scores from each bureau are usually different of varying degrees. The report also consists of all your monthly payment obligations and your payment history on each one. What banks do with your credit report is to make sure you have a history of making your payments and making them on time. If you are behind on any of your payments, the bank will see this on your credit report. They…

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Besides your kitchen, the restrooms in your home probably get the most use. Not only is it nice to step into a clean, modern bathroom, but also giving this room a makeover will increase the value of your home and see a return when it’s time to sell. Below are five ideas to brighten up your morning routine and make you feel like you’re stepping into a spa.

1. Refinish Your Tub

After a while, every white bathtub starts to get a little dingy. Hiring a professional to refinish your tub could cost you upward of $300. Don’t spend the big bucks when you can do it yourself. You can purchase a refinishing kit for around $30 at any hardware store.

2. Install His And Her Showerheads

If your shower is large enough, then install custom his and her…

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People fail to realize that a real estate agent is an experienced, trained, licensed and often seasoned professional. Yes, you have to 'interview' and hand pick your real estate agent, but it is important to have one to guide you and work for you when you are selling your home.

Providing you find a reputable agent that you feel comfortable with - there is no better way to sell your home.

Aside from having all the necessary tools, contacts and needed internet access, a realtor knows how to properly market your home to get you, the seller, the best possible price.

Realtors are also savvy negotiators. Strong negotiators usually bring much more in the way of final agreed sale price to substantially cover a seller commission and beyond to put more…

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