Staten Island has numerous hidden gems. We spotlight locations or upcoming events that families may be interested in checking out or attending.

Did you know that there are certain breeds of dogs that homeowners’ insurance companies won’t cover?

Pit-Bull Dog

It’s true! Although we’re big dog lovers here at Tom Crimmins Realty, some homeowners’ insurance companies frown upon larger breeds of dogs that they deem to be more ‘destructive.’ Homeowners’ insurance covers your expenses for damage to the property, or in the event that someone else is injured on the property. The personal liability coverage of homeowners’ insurance covers injuries and damage caused by dogs. Unfortunately, some insurance companies refuse to cover larger breeds that they deem to be more regularly high risk. Many large dog breeds come with expensive liability claims, on average of around $44,760! The most commonly excluded breeds…

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The Clove Valley School is located at 60 Foote Ave, Staten Island, NY 10301 and is part of the New York City Public School District 31. Grade levels range from Kindergarten to the fifth grade, servicing about 375 students. 

Administration and Support Staff

The Clove Valley School has a large, professional staff working to support and help the students and school. The staff includes: 

  • The principal: Mrs. Melissa Garofalo, hosts in-house professional development sessions to meet and reflect on different teaching approaches to construct differentiating instruction to meet the needs of every student at the school, helping to create a healthy and positive school environment. 
  • Secretary: Marilyn Giordano.
  • School Aides: Lena Capraro,…

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P.S.5 The Huguenot School


Principal: Lisa Arcuri

Administrator: Linda Apostolopoulos & Evan Schwartz

Mascot: N/A

P.S. 5 is located on 348 Deisius St, Staten Island, NY 10312. P.S.5 has an enrollment of 257 kids from grades k-5. P.S. 5 is located on the corner of Deisius Street and Kingdom Avenue. According to their website "Everyone learns Everday." P.S.5 was rated above average in school quality compared to other schools in NYC, a whopping 10 out of 10 on This school is in the neighborhood of Huguenot. Huguenot is bordered by Princes Bay, Annadale, and Woodrow. These are all lovely towns and neighborhoods to live in. All residential areas with plenty of schools around these areas. We here at Tom Crimmins Realty,…

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Tom Crimmins Realty Presents $1000 To P.S. 53

P.S. 53January 29th, 2019, marked the the beginning of the, first ever, "Tom Crimmins Realty - $1000 School Spirit Giveaway!" It was a social media contest devised by the realty firm to give any school's athletic program on Staten Island (excluding High School and Colleges) an opportunity to win $1000. Tom Crimmins Realty began this contest with two goals in mind - to promote school spirit, and connectivity within the schools, as well as, to promote a sense of community around Staten Island. Judging by the results of the contest, it would be safe to say that their goals were reached. The Facebook and Instagram competition, which could've been found on the company's respective social media pages…

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Right in the heart of Staten Island, just minutes away from the Staten Island Mall, lies Lighthouse Hill, a quaint neighborhood full of greenery and large, open houses. Lighthouse Hill lies right between a large array of parks and is only minutes away from both the mall and historic Richmond Town, giving residents a way to experience any range of environments. The hill's name comes from Staten Island Range Lighthouse, also called the Ambrose Channel Range Light, or affectionately called the Staten Island Light. The lighthouse is the rear range lighthouse companion to the West Bank Lighthouse. 

About the lighthouse

A 90-foot tower built in 1912, it sits about 5 miles northwest of its companion, 141 feet above sea level on Lighthouse Hill (also called…

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Gyms can sometimes be an intimidating place, and there are a plethora of factors that could turn you off from one, whether it be steep prices, bad management or lack of equipment. Gyms are for challenging yourself and building your confidence in your abilities and state of mind, so don't let anything hold you back from being the best version of yourself. Here are seven of the best gymnasiums on Staten Island.


Transformation Fitness Studio is located at 1403 Richmond Ave, Staten Island, NY 10314 and was opened by Steve Tanen in 2017. Tanen struggled with childhood obesity, and during his late teen years he decided to change his lifestyle. In 2008 he opened his first studio and this Staten Island location is his new…

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Staten Island University Hospital is a specialized teaching hospital located in Staten Island. What began as a one-room infirmary more than 150 years ago has grown to become a 714-bed teaching hospital that spans two campuses, providing a vast array of services in health and wellness. The 17-acre North campus houses Staten Island’s most modern emergency department, a state-of-the-art education center, and a medical arts pavilion. The South campus boasts its own emergency department and offers a range of specialty programs, including geriatric psychiatry, behavioral health and substance abuse services. SIUH is one of three hospitals in Staten Island and the only one that has an Emergency Medicine Residency.


Founded in 1861 as the 

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Sitting just a few hundred feet from the ocean lies a humongous building covered in glass and raised on stilts to allow for covered parking. This is the Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex, possibly the largest building on Staten Island and one of the premier running tracks of the region.

What is it?

The Ocean Breeze Track and Field Athletic Complex is a 135,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art indoor track and field facility in Ocean Breeze Park, Staten Island. This $93 million athletic complex was funded by the City's PlaNYC initiative, with construction managed in coordination with the New York City Department of Design and Construction (DDC). The facility will become a premier destination for athletic events, drawing competitors from around the region. 

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Saint Joseph Hill Academy is an all-girls private high school operated by the Daughters of Divine Charity, located in the  Arrochar neighborhood on Staten Island, under the address 850 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10305. 


The school was established back in March 1919, when Mr.William Knauth's fourteen-acre estate was purchased by Reverend Mother M.Kostka BauerThe Daughters of Divine Charity began to host tutoring classes there and eventually the establishment grew to become the Saint Joseph Hill Academy. The school was recognized by and received full accreditation from the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York in 1938. 

On August 26, 1956, the initial ceremony for the construction of the  present day building…

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Staten Island Technical High School

Staten Island Technical High School, commonly called Staten Island Tech or SITHS, was founded in 1988. Located in Staten Island, New York City, the school is operated by the New York City Department of Education. In 2005, Staten Island Tech became the only Specialized High School in Staten Island. It consistently ranks among the best schools in New York City in graduation rate, Regents test scores, and attendance. In 2012, SITHS was ranked #1 on the New York Post's list of the city's best high schools, #77 in the nation on U.S. News & World Report's list of Best High Schools, and #23 on their list of the nation's top schools in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).


SITHS is a highly…

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