Staten Island has numerous hidden gems. We spotlight locations or upcoming events that families may be interested in checking out or attending.

What to look for during a Walkthrough:


The walkthrough of the home is the last opportunity for the buyers to inspect and observe the home before the closing. During the final walkthrough, the buyers and the agent travel through the house room by room to ensure that the quality of the home is still maintained. The walkthrough gives the new buyer the opportunity to make sure that the seller’s belongings are moved out and the items are not going to be there when they move in.

The final walkthrough is often attended by the buyer and their real estate agent only. They might get assistance from the real estate agent as they go through. What the purchasers should look for during the walkthrough may be better known to an agent. If there is a problem…

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All about Forest Avenue:


Forest Avenue located in Staten Island is one of the most popular avenues located across the whole Island. It was State Route 439 in New York. In 1968, this numbered road completely vanished. Even though the number was dropped in New York, it crossed the Goethals Bridge into New Jersey and is still in use as Route 439 in Elizabeth, New Jersey. In order to facilitate transit from the Staten Island Ferry to New Jersey through the Elizabeth Ferry, Forest Avenue, a major east-west thoroughfare on Staten Island, was built.

Today's journey starts in Silver Lake and travels east through crowded sections of northern Staten Island, including a variety of commercial centers, a complex of movie theaters, residential neighborhoods,…

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Ways to Keep Your Home Safe:


When you are a homeowner or renting out, making sure that your home is protected can be very important and the first step to feeling safe. You may avoid common mishaps like falls and be safeguarded against emergencies like fires by keeping your house secure and free of hazards. To keep you and those you love safe, adopt some healthy behaviors around your house.

One safety tip that can protect your home is getting certificates for your home. These certificates protect the home and confirm that the environment is safe to live in. In some countries it is mandatory but it is just a good precaution to get an inspection done to ensure that the electric fittings, appliances, and gas appliances are safe to use, even if you…

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What You Should Know About Eminent Domain:


The eminent domain is the right that the government possesses to acquire private property for the use of the public. Since the government takes the private property for public use, a payment of compensation is given to the owners of the property. The eminent domain is involved within the fifth amendment which states that the U.S government is able to use private property or assets that benefit the public domain.

The benefits of eminent domain was making sure that landowners receive appropriate compensation for their property as per their constitutionally protected right is the most crucial aspect of any eminent domain operation. No matter what public advantage results from the condemnation, the…

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Back on Market and Price Reductions on Office Listings:


As we have stated previously on past blogs if the home you are trying to sell has been on the market for a longer period of time than other properties in the region, the realtor may recommend a price reduction. In certain cases, homes have been taken off the market for various reasons, for a number of reasons, a listing may be temporarily removed from the market. The seller could be on a trip and unable to accept any offers while away, for instance. Alternatively, the seller could be remodeling or fixing the house. Listed below are some of our latest office listing price reductions over the past month or listings that were put back on the market.

Back On Market Listing:

215 Hart Avenue…

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Then and Now Theaters of Staten Island:


Richmond County once had many beautiful old movie theaters that added to the rich culture and environment of Staten Island. By now, almost all of these theatres are closed but we continue to appreciate the film industry by the opening of many new theaters on Staten Island today.

The Palace Theater: This theater was located on 300 Broadway, in the West New Brighton section of Staten Island. I believe the theater opened in 1924. It is said that first run movies were featured there. It closed when television became popular and more people were staying home to watch television. Money was a consideration at the time this theater was open.

The Empire Theater: This theater was located on 3094 Richmond Terrace,…

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The History of St. George Theatre:


One of the main attractions on the North Shore of Staten Island is the St. George Theatre. The St. George Theatre is a major performing arts venue. This staple venue was built in the year of 1929 on December 4th. It is an arts venue, picture palace and office complex located at 35 Hyatt Street. This 2 million dollar theater can hold up to 2,800 people and is a must see place while in Staten Island.

In 1928, construction first began. Following the construction this theatre had its fair share of owners and shows that were shown during their time. Solomon Brill, who operated six other theatres on the Island and in the wider New York region, had the theater constructed for him. He pledged to bring world-class…

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Kid Friendly Places to Visit:


Staten Island has many different activities for all kids all across the island. Activities range from the museum to even indoor arcades, to even the zoo. Staten Island is filled with a plethora of activities for your kids, nieces, nephews and even grandkids to enjoy.

The Staten Island Museum has many different activities for young children. The different exhibits that are displayed are entertaining for all ages. The Staten Island Museum is one of the oldest museums in the entire New York City. Located in Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden, this is a must see place. This extremely old museum was founded in 1881 and is celebrating its 140th year. The Staten Island Museum contains an abundance of exhibits…

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Favorite Places to Hike on Staten Island:


The activity of taking lengthy walks, especially in a rural or forest setting is what is known as a hike. Staten Island is home to many trails to take a scenic walk and look at the beauty that Staten Island has to offer. Some trails vary from the Greenbelt Conservancy to High Rock Park and many more with different paths that make you want to visit over and over again.

One of the most popular hiking trails on Staten Island is the Greenbelt Conservancy. The Greenbelt Conservancy has many different trails all throughout that are highly populated. A trail named Paulo’s Peak named after Thomas A. Paulo (1947-2020), the first Greenbelt Administrator and creator of the Greenbelt Conservancy, who subsequently…

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Lead Paint Law in New York:


When it comes to selling a home or buying, you may hear about the lead paint laws. The lead paint law ensures the safety of the hazardous lead paint in houses that used lead paint. This law requires all of the landlords to confirm that the paint on the walls is safe and does not contain lead by hiring a trained professional. In 1960, New York City outlawed the use of lead-based paint in residential construction, and in 1978, the federal government outlawed the selling of lead-based paint in commercial settings.

Lead paint can be extremely dangerous and harmful for people of all ages. The lead paint law is designed for the people in order to make sure that all precautions are taken to ensure the safety of all people…

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