Our Million Dollar Sales in 2022:


With the start of 2023, we wanted to shed light on our sales of 2022 and showcase how our agents are always able to work diligently to sell homes no matter what obstacles come their way. We first want to thank each and every single one of our agents for all of their hard work throughout the entire year and wish them the best of luck on another wonderful year ahead. We are so proud of each agent and their accomplishments; they fully embody what it means to be a part of the Tom Crimmins Realty Family.

In the year of 2022, we had 372 real estate sales, making us one of the Top Agencies on the Island. With that being said, we also had many deals that sold for well over a million dollars and we wanted to use this blog to showcase them all and give credit to the agents that worked so very hard to do so!

55 Nicolosi Drive: $2,585,000

Alyssa Ann Lombardi had the honor of selling our most luxurious & expensive home of the year which was no easy task, but she was clearly up for the challenge of taken on selling 55 Nicolosi Drive, a spectacular 7000 sq. ft. waterfront estate with contemporary colonial design which featured 17 rooms, twin floating staircases, fantastic entertainment plan, and a formal/informal living. The grounds are 15,300 square feet and include an in-ground pool, a subterranean guest suite, and a master bedroom suite with ocean views. This home sold for whopping $2,585,000. Alyssa's expertise were certainly put to the test, but she never wavered and stuck to everything she had learned in her many years as an agent, as well as trusted her instincts!


72-74 Brighton Avenue and 375-377 Sharon Avenue: $1,000,000 each & 225 E 4th Street: $1,376,250

Marion Alameda is responsible for the next array of transactions that well exceeded $1 Million Dollars and this one is certainly a unique one because they weren't in fact just 'one' deal, but rather a bundle of deals which were certainly the result of her vast knowledge and willingness to do what it takes to help her clients! Marion sold 31 Florida Avenue, 72-74 Brighton Avenue and 375-377 Sharon Avenue. Each of these three multi-family homes sold for $1,000,000 each which comes to the final amount of a whopping $3,000,000 total in gross sales. Furthermore, concluding the year of 2022, Marion had also sold a home in Brooklyn! Yes...you read that correctly. BROOKLYN! We are not simply just a Staten Island brokerage and work with many sellers and buyers in our neighboring borough. The home Marion sold could be found at 225 E 4th Street and went for a price of $1,376,250.

74 Elwood Avenue: $1,150,000 & 1297 Richmond Avenue: $1,019,888

Next on our 2022 Million Dollar recap, is Linda Agugliaro who had sold two different homes for over $1 Million Dollars each. 74 Elwood Avenue, a beautiful two family detached home that sold for $1,150,000 and 1297 Richmond Avenue, a new 6 over 6, two family detached home where Linda did the tremendous job of also bringing in the buyer and closed on it for $1,019,888. Whether you need to sell your home our buy a home, our agents are equipped to help you with both, and Linda is the prime example of that. Linda's knowledge of the industry and ability to show compassion for clients is the reason we are proud to have her with us at Tom Crimmins Realty.

51 Livingston Avenue: $1,280,000

Sheree Goode sold 51 Livingston Avenue, a custom designed two family Colonial home, located in the heart of Manor Heights. It showcases old world character with all of the high-end custom amenities. As soon as you walk through the front door, You are greeted by a spacious and modern, open floor plan that would satisfy anyone's taste as enter into this new year. This home features a six zone baseboard heat and three zone air conditioning. There is a detached one car garage, solar panels, and a 20x16 family room. It is also situated close to parks, schools, and shopping. In addition there is a 300 square foot studio apartment. All of which, along with the expertise of Sheree allowed this home to sell for $1,280,000. Often in the real estate world people will say 'Homes sell themselves,' and although that is partly true, it is not entirely true. Why? Because homes may very well sell with any ordinary agent, however, they will not always sell for top market price and that is why you need an Agent like Sheree Goode. She will maximize the two things you want most as a client: the amount of money you receive for the home and the time in which it will sell!


8 Ardsley Street: $999,999

Vincent Monardo and Paula Beningo are a dynamic team and they are the reason for our next sale on 8 Ardsley Street, a true Richmondtown Oasis located on a dead end street with the left side of property bordered by protected land. This beautiful home boasts a large open floor plan on the first floor with sliders from the dining room to a large deck and a majestic staircase to second floor. This home sold for 1 dollar shy of a million dollars at $999,999...but we aren't going to let 1 dollar keep us from putting it in our yearly recap because we had two agents whose value far exceed that of a dollar. To have a pair of agents on a listing is one thing, and will, without a doubt, be beneficial, but to have two agents, with as much experience and chemistry as Vincent and Paula, is a totally different level of real estate prestige and is completely invaluable!

307 Manhattan Street: $1,375,000 & 109 Hecker Street: $1,070,000

Joseph Masella is next on this list and he is featured in this blog for the same reason many other agents were and are because he sold two homes that went for over a million dollars each, 307 Manhattan Street and 109 Hecker Street. 307 Manhattan Street is a gorgeous center hall two-family colonial consisting of over 4100 sq ft. of livable space, sitting on a 75x100 lot in the beautiful neighborhood of Tottenville. Being steps away from schools, buses and major shopping, it made this home the ideal landing spot for those wanting to live on the South Shore of Staten Island. Brick pavers wrap around the entire home, leading you to a relaxing pergola and in-ground pool. This home truly has too many features to list, and it's no question why it sold for $1,375,000. The next home Joseph is responsible for is 109 Hecker Street! It sold for $1,070,000 and what we are about to describe is the reason why! Close your eyes and picture yourself stepping into a gorgeous 2 story grand entrance, as soon as you step inside you feel the warmth of all the natural light penetrating the home and hitting you in a way that leaves you with only one word to describe such an amazing feeling...home! So, now if that didn't sell you on the beauty of this home then these features certainly will: It also offers a Large side-yard and backyard, boasts a Trex deck and a 14x28 in-ground pool with a brand new cover and brand new pump. All this along with a 1 bedroom apartment rental for a steady monthly income that we all would love to have. I bet that made you Interested in buying it, right? Well, unfortunately this paradise is no longer on the market and that's thanks to the work of Joseph Masella who has been nothing short of amazing for the Tom Crimmins Realty family, and we have the utmost confidence in him that if you were interested in such a home that he would be able to find you another one quite similar or even better leaving you absolutely satisfied.

307 Manhattan St

80 Bogert Avenue: $999,999

Rosanne Fischer is one of our other amazing agents to be featured in this recap and she is responsible for selling 80 Bogert Avenue, and she did so by doing what all great agents do, she went through her network of buyers and found a perfect match that satisfied both side and helped made this transaction go through. This 3 bedroom colonial in an ideal location, perched high above Ocean Terrace in a private setting may have sold for 1 dollar shy of a million dollars at $999,999, but we believe that the amount of sweat equity Rosanne had put into this deal to make it happen makes up for that dollar...OH! and did we mention...SHE BROUGHT THE BUYER!

41 Delmar Avenue: $1,230,000

Brenda (Bingling) Jiang sold our next home, 41 Delmar Avenue for a fantastic $1,230,000. It’s a beautifully built 2017, two family detached home. It features an open 6/6 concept that would’ve made you open up your phone and call us right away to see it! With top of the line quality amenities which include Navien Combo Boilers, custom crown molding, chai & box moldings and oak flooring thru-out, the need to work with a top of the line agent was imperative and that’s exactly what these sellers got from choosing to work with Brenda. Her dedication and appreciation for her clients is of the utmost importance to her and that’s what makes her a fantastic agent! In addition to all the amazing things this home has to offer it also includes a full and a 3/4 baths in both units, Andersen entry doors plus windows, hot water and baseboard heating, finished basement, and attic, plus a detached garage with an open concept basement. Talk about the full package!

64-03 77th Place (Queens): $1,410,000

Winnie (Wan) Wu is next on the list with her selling of 64-03 77th Place, in Queens, New York…Yep! That’s right, we certainly did say Queens, and it’s only fitting because some could say that Winnie is the queen of real estate with all the transactions she has completed over the last few years! Combine that with the elegance & grace in which she carries herself and her business, and you have a consummate real estate professional. This beautiful 2 family home sold for a tremendous $1,410,000. It includes a walk-in basement with two entrances. The first Unit has a living room, dining room, kitchen, full bathroom, as well as 2 bedrooms. The second unit includes a living room, dining room, kitchen, full bathroom and 2 bedrooms, making this the perfect two family home for those looking to add some extra rental income into their lives or simply be closer to those they love!

241 Edgegrove Avenue: $1,050,000

John Sbarbaro, another one of our fantastic agents, sold 241 Edgegrove Avenue earlier in the year for $1,050,000. This listing was a beautifully large 2 family side hall colonial located near an abundant amount of schools, parks, shopping, and public transportation in the much sought after Annandale area. However, Annadale may not be the only well sought after thing in this article! John’s years of experience, and kind, light-hearted personality is the perfect touch for those looking for an agent who knows the business, but also can make you smile throughout the process! We know John wasn’t the only ones smiling throughout because the buyers who bought this home bought one that included many Luxury features such as: top grade floors, top of the line windows & kitchen, a 5 zone baseboard heat, tremendous master bedroom suite, and an indoor/outdoor sprinkler system that will keep your grass fresh and your home safe!


50 Sturges Street: $1,120,000

As you already can tell, we don’t just sell Million Dollar listings we also help a tremendous amount of buyers find them! We are an agency that doesn’t shy away from the buying process and Anthony Cammaroto made sure that his buyers didn’t settle until they found the home of their dreams! With his expert negotiating skills and unrelenting personality to help serve his clients, he was able to secure the dream home his buyers always wanted during a time when competition for this listing was extremely high! 50 Sturges Street was bought for $1,120,0001 It was a newly renovated single family detached colonial with 5 bedrooms, and 4 bathrooms! We can’t say for certain, but we are confident that if it wasn’t for Anthony then these buyers may not have been able to secure the home they always wanted!

67 Marx Street: $1,167,000 & 74 Silver Lake Road: $1,230,000

Mario Minelli is the next agent to have his homes featured on this blog, and, no, that was not a typo…we did say ‘homes,’ as in plural, meaning he had 2 homes that broke our million dollar requirement. It is only fitting that he would have two homes because working with Mario is like working with two agents — he is responsive and there when you need him, whenever you need him. His blend of knowledge and accessibility is perfect for all of those looking for an agent who takes the stress away from you throughout the real estate process! 67 Marx Street was a beautiful and luxurious multi-level home located in the most coveted area of Sunnyside. Truly a rare find; this listing was a perfect opportunity to reside in a very spacious home that would have been Perfect for families big or small, and just when you thought we couldn’t give Mario any more praise, this home sold for $1,167,000 and he did, in fact, bring in the buyer! 74 Silver Lake Road was the other listing Mario helped make happen this year by bringing in a buyer who was thrilled with he fact that they were able to secure a custom, 2 family colonial in the heart of Silver Lake which sold for $1,230,000.


114 Merrick Avenue: $1,400,000

Kenneth Otoole and his listing of 114 Merrick Avenue are next up on the list and it certainly was a BEAUTIFUL one which is to be expected because Ken is an agent who appreciates the beauty in the homes he is selling! He handles every home and every client as if they are a part of his family because he knows that in this business it’s relationships that matter! Located on the very private, non-thru, street on the prestigious Todt Hill, this 5 bedroom ranch sits atop 16,416 sq. ft. of property with well-maintained front and double side yards. Ken was able to sell this beautiful listing for a whopping $1,400,000. It also included an in-ground heated pool, 3,560 square feet of living space, 7 bathrooms, 2 car garage, wood fireplace, and an oversized basement that you truly had to see to believe. At the time it was listed on the market, photos didn’t justify just how big it really was!

165 Johanna Lane: $999,999

Lisa Mingino and Lisa Greves were the dream team of Lisas when it came to selling 165 Johanna Lane, and because our two agents were responsible for this gorgeous, 2 family center hall colonial in the private community of Johanna lane. We felt that it was only right to include it on our list of Million Dollar homes. Selling for $999,999, this home offered a large formal living room, formal dining room, a Large kitchen and a family room with a wood-burning fireplace. It also included a large screened room overlooking a park-like yard with a built-in heated pool, and a large 2 bedroom duplex apartment…and if that wasn’t enough to grab your attention then the manner in which both Lisa’s work would’ve sure did. To find one agent that embodies the qualities of an ideal real estate professional is tough, but to find two and have them work together on the same listing is nearly unheard of, and yet here we had it —two amazing agents doing what they do best; keeping clients satisfied and making sure that their homes are sold for the most amount of money, in the most efficient amount of time!

1007 40th Street (Brooklyn): $999,999

Alexandra Anastasio is responsible for our next home on the list, 1007 40th Street in Brooklyn, NY. It’s not every day you find yourself selling a Legal 3 family home located in Borough Park, but because of her brilliant and knowledgeable nature, as well as expertise in many areas of Staten Island & Brooklyn, Alexandra found herself in such a situation, and thrived in it! This home featured a full-sized basement which had a large 1,000 gallon fuel oil tank, as well as a nice size yard. The first floor unit offered backyard access. The second floor unit featured a porch off of the kitchen facing the backyard. The third floor unit featured an additional 3rd bedroom. All of which are in close proximity to much shopping and transportation. Not only did this home present a great opportunity for finding your dream home, but it also allowed the opportunity to make some additional income! Being that Alexandra was great enough to secure both the buyer and seller in this deal we felt it was worth making the list for selling at $999,999.

155 Dudley Avenue: $1,103,000

Next up on our list of Million Dollars homes is a home that sold for $1,103,000 and was sold by the amazing duo of Alison Ponterio and Lesley Evans. 155 Dudley Avenue did not sit on the market long and it is no surprise that it didn’t because it was being sold by two hardworking, and sincere agents who know exactly what it is they are doing! These magnificant agents sold this beautiful new construction, one family side hall colonial, close to all, yet situated on a quiet one-way street in the lovely residential neighborhood of Sunnyside. It was built with the highest quality craftsmanship and attention to detail — two qualities that Alison and Lesley can certainly appreciate. It also offers custom double doors, grand two-story entry foyer, large, sun-filled living room with wainscoting, a gas burning fireplace, and large kitchen with an island! If that wasn’t enough to make your jaw drop then the tremendous finished basement with 9' ceilings, full size windows, & 3/4 bath certainly will! The details of this home were immaculate and it is no wonder why it didn’t last long. When you combine such beauty with two high-quality agents you get a match made in real estate heaven!


86-65 78th Street (Queens): $999,999

Daisy (Xiao) Shi is responsible for the second to last deal on our list and it was another beautiful home in Queens, NY! 86-65 78th Street, sold for just one dollar shy of a million dollars at $999,999, but there certainly is no need to worry because we know Daisy’s ability to commute and show this home makes it a well-worthy candidate for our Million Dollar listing blog! This home and where it is located is the epitome of Daisy’s dedication to her craft and care for her clients. Not only was she able to sell this home, but she was also able to bring in the buyer which allowed this transaction to go over as smoothly as it could have. This beautiful, two family detached home with 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms left her buyers happy and her sellers completely satisfied.

642-646 Tysens Lane: $1,250,000 & 650/654 Tysens Lane: PENDING

Last but certainly not least, to be mentioned as agents in this blog are the Lauria/Mooney Dream Team which consists of John Lauria, Laura Mooney, & Susan Lauria. It is through their MEGA-DEAL of selling 4, two-family homes in the New Dorp Area which included four detached garages, driveways, and full basements for storage and laundry facilities that qualified them to make this list. If there was a team more qualified to sell these properties than we would love to see them because, not many agents have as much knowledge and experience as this team does. It is that combination of experience and knowledge that make them one of the top real estate teams on Staten Island. The first transaction which was the sale of 642 and 646 Tysens Lane went for a tremendous $1,250,000 and it included two, two-family homes. The second transaction which is still currently pending was for 650 & 654 Tysens Lane and that included another set of two, two family homes! Each apartment included two bedrooms and each home was built with beautiful, red brick that catches the eye of anyone walking through the neighborhood, and we know this listing certainly caught the eye of investors everywhere before the Lauria/Mooney Team were able to close the deal! FOUR, TWO FAMILY HOMES...WOW!

We would like to use this closing paragraph to express the biggest of thank you’s to all of our agents for their hard work and dedication to sell these amazing homes, not only in Staten Island, but in some of the other boroughs, as well. They continue to make us proud without a doubt. We can not wait to see what 2023 has in store for Tom Crimmins Realty, and we know that this year will feature even more homes and even more Agents! We are blessed to have shared this real estate experience with all of the sellers & buyers involved in these transactions and we are extremely happy to continue helping turn houses into homes!


Looking to buy or sell your home on Staten Island? For all your real estate needs, look no further than Tom Crimmins Realty! Give us a call at (718) 370-3200, and we can provide you with professionally-trained agents who are flexible to all that you’re looking for!

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