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This year, Chuck has his very own "Chuck-o-vator," which carried him into the glass enclosure in order to guarantee his safety. Back in 2014, Mayor Bill de Blasio accidentally dropped another groundhog posing as Chuck, who unfortunately died a week later due to internal injuries. However, the Staten Island Zoo assured the public that this tragedy was not a direct cause of the fall. But as the tradition continues, we hold our furry friend close to our hearts, and want to ensure his safety during his biggest day of the year! Chuck has become somewhat of Staten Island's mascot, and you can come see him anytime in West Brighton! The beginning of February always brings one of Staten Island's most notorious holidays — Groundhog Day! Staten Island Zoo's favorite

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Why Hire a Professional Photographer to Take Photos of Your Home? 

If you are looking to sell your home online, the first thing you have to do is take pictures of your home because you need to show people what your home looks like. First impressions are everything to a person. If potential buyers see low-quality and unappealing photos of the house that you are selling online, they will potentially skip, ignore, or hate it. However, if the buyers do decide to give the home a chance, the way they in which your home is presented could positively impact their first impressions. In fact, they could visualize something dramatically different then what your home looks like. That is why hiring a professional photographer is the best option for you to sell your

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What Is the Real Estate Q & A???

Well, to answer that question in it’s entirety one must first analyze what exactly it is a real estate agent is SUPPOSED to do.

— and for us at Tom Crimmins Realty, it is simple; PROVIDE VALUE!

Now, yes, we understand that there is a lot that comes with being a real estate agent. We understand what a Comparative Market Analysis is, what absorption rates are, and how to accomplish the goals, set forth, in a timely manner, but in essence, is that not value provided? So, do we honestly do more than provide value? The answer…

YES! We provide smiles, we provide professionalism, and most importantly we provide you with our undivided intention (along with the keys to your new home)! However, maybe we can

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Italian Festival at The Mount

DATES: October 11th - 13th

TIME: 6pm-11pm Friday, October 11th / 12pm-11pm Saturday, October 12th / 12pm-11pm Sunday, October 13th

LOCATION: Mount Loretto [6581 Hylan Blvd Staten Island, NY 10309]



Do you need some plans for Columbus Day? Then, mark this event in your calendars, folks!

This will be Staten Island's biggest Italian festival at the Mount Loretto venue in the heart of Prince's bay! If you want to know more about the lovely area of Prince's Bay then click here.   

There will be a lot of food & drinks available for your family to enjoy. Don't forget the beer and sangria gardens! As for the kids, there will be rides and games that will be lots of fun, and contests for them and you to

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 New Dorp Lane 2nd Annual Classic Car Show 


TIME: 9 AM - 3 PM




This is the 2nd annual car show at the heart of our neighborhood New Dorp in Staten Island! If you really like cars, have a car collection yourself, or just want to explore the many different types of cars offered in the world, then don't hesitate to mark the date into your calendar and stop on by! 

This is a FREE event for family members for ALL ages, and you can bring your car-loving friends along! 

The car show will feature classic, antique, custom, exquisite, and brand new cars to feast your eyes on! Also, there will be the best merchants and vendors around the island, especially the lane present

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Discovery Day at Freshkills Park


TIME: 11 AM - 4 PM




Do you like running and jogging? Do you want to spend the day outdoors? Do you and your family love to hike? Do you want to take a step outside of your home for a day's adventure? 

Well, then go to Freshkills Park on September 8th - one of the biggest parks in Staten Island! It is usually closed to the public, so go enjoy a day of the fresh breeze as the park is opened to the public for this special day! There will be hundreds of acres and miles of trails open for jogging, running, hiking, touring, etc! If you want to spend a day out in the sun to get your daily dose of exercise, why not stop by? 


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Staten Island

What's the answer - "In" or "on"?

Often times we hear questions that we really don’t have the answers to. Questions that leave us pondering. Questions that inspire thought, yet leave us thoughtless. Ones that do nothing but leave us frustrated and defeated because we know that we, very well, may never find the answers.

What is the meaning of life?

Where did we come from?

Why is it that we park in a driveway, yet drive on a parkway?

Question after question — No answer after no answer! We are begging for the answers and yet, here, we find ourselves doubtful and rolling our eyes because the only one who gave us an answer was our drunken uncle who very well could be right, but we, honestly, JUST DON’T KNOW!

Well, if you came here

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Finding your dream home can be quite the ordeal, but does it have to be? One of the biggest problems potential buyers have is that they really don’t know what it is they want; they have an idea, but not a clear picture. They have certain features in mind, but are not able to visualize the whole house. It’s actually much like discovering, or figuring out, a new-born baby’s name because sometimes you just don’t know what you want until you see it and it’s right in front of you. You know you want a pool. You know you want to be in a nice neighborhood, and

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4th Annual Lighthouse Point Fest


TIME: 12 PM - 6 PM




Want a fun event for you and your family to enjoy on a Saturday in Staten Island? Then, mark this event in your calendar folks! 

This is a free event opened to the public, and you can go to the National Lighthouse Museum for free! There are going to be a lot of vendors at the event like trying out different arts & crafts, delicious food to eat, face painting for the kids to enjoy, etc. There will be a ton of activities and vendors for each family member to enjoy!

If you are in love with music, there will be a ton of local bands there to play awesome tunes! 

Music Schedule:

1:00 pm - Joan Caddell

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6th Annual Family Fun Fair


TIME: 10AM - 5PM




Do you want an activity planned for you and your family on a Saturday?

Well, we got just the idea and event for you! This is the 6th annual family fun fair in Staten Island presented by the Holy Child Parish. The event is located on 4747 Amboy Road at the heart of Annadale. There is no admission fee, and it is open to the whole public!

There are plenty of activities for your kids like bouncy houses, slides, obstacle courses, carnival booth games, duck pond, fishbowl, and face painting. There is an all-day ride bracelet available for you to purchase. There is also a DJ and live entertainment for the whole family to enjoy!

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