Technology is constantly changing, new apps are being created daily, and there's always a new update on your phone's software.  

Here are some up-to-date apps you can download that will get you through your next home renovation project:

ColorSnap: Remember those websites and games that used to show you what you would look like when different hairstyles? Well this app shows what your room will look like with a different paint job. "Capture color inspiration whenever—and wherever—it strikes. With ColorSnap®Visualizer from Sherwin-Williams, you have the power to take real-world colors and turn them into paint-color swatches—all on your smartphone." You can also upload a picture and the app will pick up on color schemes so you can match your living room…

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Whether you are buying a new house, or currently the homeowner and looking for a new take, it's always good to look at the bigger picture before you lay down the cash. There are buyers who will purchase a house to flip and sell again at a higher value, and then there are homeowners who renovate to list with a bigger number. Before you become either one of these, ask yourself: Is it worth it? If yes, what is the best financial way to?

Step 1: Research. Look into the pricing and benefits of renovating the room in mind. If you are a buyer looking to flip, research the neighborhood. Although you can have a great price in a least favorite neighborhood, doesn't mean it's the best investment. You may have difficulty reselling quickly despite your thousands of…

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Are you tired of having to pay the toll to New Jersey to go to Menlo's AMC Dine-In Theater? Well, hopefully you won't have to anymore! Staten Island is on the up and up with new attractions from studio lots, to the Empire Outlets, and now - crossing fingers - AMC Dine-In Theater. Back in May 2013, silive reported an online survey of Staten Islanders expressing the interest in having our very own dine-in. 

Staten Island's Continuing Expansion

Ken Paulsen wrote, "although the survey references only AMC's unique dine-in offerings and brandings, the AMC spokesman, Ryan Noonan, said his company is not behind it. He did allow that the company is exploring setting up a dine-in movie house here, but nothing beyond that."

Remember, that this is back in…

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