Real estate is a well known to be competitive. We try to help you be a step ahead of everyone else in selling your home, and investing in another.

What to do to become a landlord:

Have you been interested in investing into real estate or hoping to make a little extra money every month? Well then you can actually make it happen with your own property, some rent out one room as an AirBnB rental or even rent out the whole property if they can afford to stay at a second property. Especially here in Staten Island it is very common that many people rent out basements, bedrooms or even whole floors out. However, there are some important things to consider and make happen before moving forward with renting out your property.

Having a rental unit, rental room, rental property, it all comes with risks so you need to be prepared. First thing you should do is assess your situation. Are you comfortable…

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Lion Statues and Red Door's have meaning:

Have you ever been around Staten Island, Brooklyn or different parts of New York and seen two lions in front of homes or even a red door? Well in Real Estate there are traditions that homeowners uphold depending on their own beliefs or based on what the signs mean.

Well homeowners having two lions on the front of their home actually have significant meaning. The meaning of the lion stands very true and honest to its meaning, representation of honor, respect, and strength whether it is put in front of a door or beside a stairway. It can also be found in well-known structures like New York and Paris or even Quebec. A lion statue found at the front of a driveway is meant to watch over a certain area.…

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What you Should Know About Open Houses

If you are currently in the process of selling your home or you are a prospective buyer, you may have heard of the term “Open House” It essentially means the seller or seller's agent enables interested buyers to enter the property and stroll through it at their leisure or with the assistance of a realtor. The purpose of an open house is to pique the curiosity of potential buyers. There are many advantages and disadvantages to allowing open houses if you are a seller, listed below are some things you should know or consider discussing with your Real Estate Agent about.

While open houses do not sell properties by themselves, they do serve a vital purpose. They attract attention and traction to getting offers.…

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What you Should Ask your Agent

When selling your home or buying a home, the process is stressful. Agents may help you get your house more publicity, assist you secure a better bargain, and devote more time to the sale. An agent adds experience to a transaction that is complicated and fraught with financial and legal risks. Individuals may develop alliances and form communities by simply purchasing and selling pieces of land through real estate brokers. As a result, the demand for real estate brokers and agents will continue to grow. Having an agent right by your side is helpful however, there are questions you should ask any agent you have before or throughout the process of selling or buying a home.

  • How often are you available?
  • What is…

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What you Should Know About Staging your Home

When a property is staged, it is simpler for buyers to realize when it fits their expectations, however when a home is not staged, a buyer may be unable to see the space and what it may become in connection to their vision. Regardless of what you used a room for or how you used a room, staging has the ability to give potential purchasers a peek of its potential. Staging is not necessarily expected or required; however, staging your home may help it sell better.

First impressions matter the most, so make your house stand out from the moment potential buyers arrive at the curb. Here are some ideas: To clean gunk off your siding, roof, and gutters, hire a pressure washer if needed. Adding a coat of paint…

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Are you a tenant? Here are a few things you should know

Tenants in New York City have several rights concerning the protection and condition of their residence. Tenants should plan to live in buildings that are safe, well-maintained, and free of pests, leaks, and hazardous circumstances. Tenants are protected against harassment and discrimination under the law.

Listed below are a few rights you have as a tenant:

    • Right to Privacy: the fact that your landlord possesses the building you rent does not give him or her the right to enter anytime they want. You now have the right to a fair amount of privacy as a renter. The landlord may need access to one's rental property to make repairs or perform routine maintenance, but they must usually…

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Types of Mortgage Loans

Requirements to get a Loan:

  • Credit Score: Your mortgage interest rate is determined based off your credit.
  • Estimated Downpay: Keep in mind the size of your down payment most likely will impact your mortgage loans.
  • Monthly Mortgage Payments: Lenders will look at your earned income and assets to assist them come up with a budget for a monthly payment. Lenders will consider the principal amount, taxes, mortgage insurance, homeowner fees, and even interest when assessing the budget. 

Types of Conforming Mortgage Loans:

      • Conventional Loan: often known as a conventional loan, is a house homeowner's loan that is neither given or guaranteed by the government. It can be obtained from a commercial…

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What You Should Know About The Different Types of Mortgage Loans Before Becoming a Homeowner

When it comes to buying a home, the whole process may seem quite overwhelming as a first time homeowner or a homeowner moving for the first time in years. There is plenty to read up on when it comes to types of mortgages. Consider your kind of application before choosing a mortgage, whether you're a first-time buyer, downsizing, or refinancing. There is a lot to figure out based on weather you want a conforming loan or a non-conforming loan, here is a quick and simple rundown on the difference between conforming and non-conforming loans. 

Conforming Loans: is one that fits the Federal Housing Finance Agency's (FHFA) monetary restrictions as well as…

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The Benefits of Buying a Ranch Style Home

When debating on what style home to buy, most do not think of ranch style homes. However, if you are an empty nester or a couple looking to buy their forever home then a ranch style home is the one for you to purchase. There are various reasons as to why this style of home may be the one for you. Let's first start with what a ranch style home is.

Classic ranch style houses are single-story homes with an open floor plan and a designated patio area. Long, reduced rooflines and wide windows at the front of the home are common features of ranch home designs. Ranch style homes come in a variety of shapes. In simple terms, all rooms are located on one floor.

The reason many buy a ranch home is because…

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Ways to Improve your Living Room

Have you been looking at your living room wanting a chance but have no clue where to start? Well here are a few tips on how you spruce up the space that work for all types of homes whether you are a homeowner, interior designers or even a prospective homeowner.

Expanding your living room if able can be a place to start. To save energy, living rooms were typically kept small and cramped in the past. However, house purchasers want larger living rooms than before, thanks to the mid-century open floor plan movement and today's desire for greater space. If you can not secure the right permits or this may be out of budget, an alternative can be creating the illusion of a bigger space.

Painting the ceiling…

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