A detailed timeline following the history of Staten Island from the first inhabitants to modern day society.

Lion Statues and Red Door's have meaning:

Have you ever been around Staten Island, Brooklyn or different parts of New York and seen two lions in front of homes or even a red door? Well in Real Estate there are traditions that homeowners uphold depending on their own beliefs or based on what the signs mean.

Well homeowners having two lions on the front of their home actually have significant meaning. The meaning of the lion stands very true and honest to its meaning, representation of honor, respect, and strength whether it is put in front of a door or beside a stairway. It can also be found in well-known structures like New York and Paris or even Quebec. A lion statue found at the front of a driveway is meant to watch over a certain area.…

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Different Styles of Homes Located in Staten Island

If you took a drive around Staten Island, homes in different locations either have similar architectural styles or drastically different architectural styles. The real estate market on Staten Island is always changing. It does, however, have an excessive number of linked dwellings and patchwork properties. Staten Island is quickly becoming known as among the top five markets in the country for large, lavish, single-family houses. Architects claim that design is impacted by a location's physical characteristics, such as climate, geography, and site features, as well as its social characteristics; culture, industry, design style, or history. It's critical that their structure be seen from a certain…

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This home was built in 2004 and has been kept in tip top shape!!! This house is located in Clove Lake, Staten Island. This is close to beautiful parks and gorgeous golf courses. This large home has so much to offer. It features a huge kitchen with access to the deck which leads to the spacious and quiet backyard, beautiful hardwood floors all throughout the house, 3 bedrooms, and a finished basement that also has yard access. This home is near public transportation, shopping, restaurants, and schools! Come see this home in its beautiful quiet dead end…

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Tom Crimmins Realty Presents $1000 To P.S. 53

P.S. 53January 29th, 2019, marked the the beginning of the, first ever, "Tom Crimmins Realty - $1000 School Spirit Giveaway!" It was a social media contest devised by the realty firm to give any school's athletic program on Staten Island (excluding High School and Colleges) an opportunity to win $1000. Tom Crimmins Realty began this contest with two goals in mind - to promote school spirit, and connectivity within the schools, as well as, to promote a sense of community around Staten Island. Judging by the results of the contest, it would be safe to say that their goals were reached. The Facebook and Instagram competition, which could've been found on the company's respective social media pages…

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Right in the heart of Staten Island, just minutes away from the Staten Island Mall, lies Lighthouse Hill, a quaint neighborhood full of greenery and large, open houses. Lighthouse Hill lies right between a large array of parks and is only minutes away from both the mall and historic Richmond Town, giving residents a way to experience any range of environments. The hill's name comes from Staten Island Range Lighthouse, also called the Ambrose Channel Range Light, or affectionately called the Staten Island Light. The lighthouse is the rear range lighthouse companion to the West Bank Lighthouse. 

About the lighthouse

A 90-foot tower built in 1912, it sits about 5 miles northwest of its companion, 141 feet above sea level on Lighthouse Hill (also called…

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The Miller Field Hangar

Before its military days, Miller Field was home to one of the most prominent American families of the 19th century. In 1836, Cornelius "Commodore" Vanderbilt began purchasing farmland in New Dorp and owned most of what became Miller Field by 1843. The farmland was inherited by his son William, who transferred this property to his son, George Washington Vanderbilt in 1885. By 1906, he moved the 24 room "White House" to the center of the farm. George Washington Vanderbilt's claim to fame is for building Biltmore in North Carolina. Biltmore is still today, the largest home in America. The "White House" was a periodic home to him until his death in 1914. Vanderbilt's heirs sold the property to the federal government in…

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Staten Island Mall is a located in the New Springville neighborhood. It is an indoor shopping mall and the largest retail center on the island. The mall is owned by GGP Inc. of Chicago, Illinois and has been around for many years. 

Before it was the mall, the land was once occupied by the Staten Island Airport, which opened in 1941. However, the site was later sold in 1955 with a shopping and amusement center, known as the Staten Island Center. The construction didn't start until 1970 and it was open later in 1973. The mall's original developer was Feist and Feist Realty Corp. When the Rouse Company acquired the mall in 1980, they remodeled the mall by adding additional escalators, and additional trees and several new fountains throughout the mall.

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New Dorp is a neighborhood in the Staten Island of New York City. It is located in the east of Staten Island, near the foot of Todt Hill, with Grant City immediately to its north, and Oakwood bordering to the south.


New Dorp finds itself located across the center of one of the busiest streets on the island: Hylan Boulevard. This means that this area makes Brooklyn very accessible to residents of this part of the island. Most people are drawn to the convenience of the train to the ferry, the express bus to Manhattan and shopping. In addition, it is just 20 minutes from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. The region is filled up with shops and restaurants like Chikurn, Wing World, Something Sweet, Pho, etc, as well as other utilitarian facets of commercial…

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The government can take your home or any property of yours at a whim. This is not the same as the IRS taking your home because you owe them money; the government has the power to take private property for public use by a state, municipality, or private person or corporation authorized to exercise functions for public character, following the payment of just compensation to the owner of that property.  

This government right is called Eminent Domain

How Does It Work? 

You own or live in a house and there is going to be a new highway built or a further expansion of an already existing one to relieve the congestive traffic. In order to do this, the state needs to find room to expand the highway, and your home happens to be in the best location for…

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Fort Wadsworth is a 226-acre public park. Located on the northeastern part of Staten Island.  First built in 1663; its one of the oldest military sites in the United States of America. This old blockhouse was used by British troops during the American Revolution and later became an infantry station for American soldiers in the early 1900's.To visit here there are no entrance fees, visitors are allowed to roam the grounds,visit the underground tunnels, and go for a ride on the bike trail. Even enjoy a nice picnic in the designated picnic area. The park provides free tours of the forts.

The view is absolutely incredible, you can see the harbor, Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, Brooklyn, and Manhattan from Fort Wadsworth. Its an excellent place to take…

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