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The SIABC building at 73 Wave Street, owned by John Salis, provides the ability for members and community artists to showcase their artwork.  On Friday, August 7th,  Marlene Mead and James Murphy from Tom Crimmins Realty attended Urban Narratives.  Sculptor Judy Hogentobler – Impressionist Painter Rachel Sanchez & Graffiti Artist Painter MELINEL showcased their works to be displayed thru October 3.  To the left is Kelley’s Stapleton Studio and Gallery which is packed with stained-glass art – some of it personal work for sale and other pieces under restoration for clients.  A short commute from NYC, just South of Congress Street, the mission of SIABC is to provide a nest for local and migrating artists in NYC.  

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It has been another year of big changes in Staten Island's real estate market. Here are the statistics that prove this!

July 2014 monthly sales versus July 2015

In 2014, 324 properties were sold in the month of July. This year, homes sold in July increased to 349.

July 2014 versus July 2015 average sale price 

This chart shows that the average sale price of a house in Staten Island also had a healthy increase: from $447,357 in July of 2014 to $452,568 in July of 2015.

Month Year Monthly Sales Monthly Volume Avg Sale  Median Sold 
July 2014 324 $144,943,683 $447,357 $415,000
Month Year Monthly Sales Monthly Volume Avg Sale  Median Sold 
July 2015 349 $157,946,541 $452,568 $429,000

In conclusion, the real estate market has grown since July of

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When a homeowner makes the decision to sell his or her property, it is most common for a skilled real estate professional to provide valuation services so that a reasonable asking price can be established. While the asking price may seem fair to the homeowner, the fact is that not all properties will sell at the original asking price. There are several instances when a homeowner may need to consider accepting a bid that is below the asking price.

When The Property Has Been On The Market For A While

Most homeowners will learn about the average listing time for similar properties in the market through their real estate agent, but some homes will remain on the market for longer than average. When this happens, a homeowner may begin to get concerned,

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Selecting the right home to purchase for a family is a monumental task, and this process can seem even more challenging for those with a large or growing family. A common goal may be to give everyone ample space to stretch out and feel relaxed, but some home buyers may also be focused on other factors like location, cost and even the general style of the home. While choosing the perfect home for a large or growing family is not easy, the process can be simplified by focusing on a few points.

Focus On Storage Space

There are few things that can make home life more miserable in the coming years than a lack of storage space. When a large family does not have adequate storage space in closets, the attic, the garage and your cabinets, their items will

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