Guest Blog by: Jude Romano - Founder & CEO of The Insurance Goat

One of topics at top of the surface today... is rising insurance cost.

It's important for consumers to understand what is going on and why a big change in pricing. The cost to rebuild a home has gone up significantly due to material cost rising. The insurance companies are raising coverages due to the rising cost to rebuild.

The cost of insurance from a year ago is up between 25-40%. Within good reason of inflation hitting even the insurance industry. Some best practices are available to help mitigate some of the increases.

For tips on how to reduce rates be sure to stay in touch with The Insurance Goat. Call us @ 1-833 INS GOAT, visit us @ & Follow us…

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Guest Blog by: Daniel Boxman of Think Mortgage

In today’s current rising rate environment, many buyers are taking advantage of the 2/1 rate buydown. This loan product has been available for a while but has gained popularity over the last month or two due to the increase in mortgage rates. The 2/1 buydown gives buyers the ability to lower their interest rate 2% below the current market rate for the first 12 months of their mortgage payments and 1% below for the next 12 months before the rate increases to the current market rate in which the loan was locked.

For example: if the current market rate is 6.75% and the buyer uses the 2/1 buydown, their first 12 mortgage payments will be at 4.75%. Their next 12 payments will be at 5.75% and on the 3rd year…

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Guest Blog by: Jude Romano - Founder & CEO of The Insurance Goat

As one of the most rapidly growing Insurance Companies in the Tri-state, The Insurance Goat always looks to make sure the Real Estate Transaction for clients go as smoothly as possible.

One of the simplest things that can go wrong when paying your Home Insurance after you close on your home is forgetting that you have the check in a pile of all of your closing documents.

Most clients don't realize the check to pay the insurance has been issued to them to mail out, how does this cause issues? The client will receive notice of cancellation for non-payment from the Insurance company and luckily we are able to communicate in time to have the client find and mail out.

Key takeaway…

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Why Should We Improve Our Dining Rooms?

Many people have dining rooms in their house even if it's part of their kitchen. It is one of the most important rooms to be featured in the sale of a home due to how often homeowners socially interact in the space that can be found at the heart of any family's get-together. Dining rooms are not just for eating with the family however, as they are often also used for hosting food parties, having game nights, or interacting with our friends and family. This particular room is special because we can bond over the simplest things with our friends and family while we enjoy our meals. After all, food makes us very happy, and we want to express that happiness in the dining room also!

Some Tips to Improve our Dining…

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Who Am I?

Hi everyone, my name is Joyee Tan, and I am an intern working at Tom Crimmins Realty. I have been living in Staten Island across from Midland Beach my whole life. Currently, I am a student at Brooklyn Technical High School, becoming a senior in the fall. My career goal is to be a photographer because I really enjoy taking photos of nature, city, people, etc. 

Experience At Tom Crimmins Realty 

In the beginning of year 2018, I was planning on looking for some work experience because I've never gotten a job before. In the months of February-March, I have signed up for a program called Summer Youth Employment Program. This program has a lottery based system, which you must be chosen by random pick; I was lucky and got chosen.

Next, I…

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My name is Gianna, and during the summer I was a blog writer for Tom Crimmins Realty. Starting my internship in early July, I pretty much knew what to expect beforehand. There were two main components to the task, including photography and writing. I would have to say my favorite aspect of interning here was being able to work independently, yet still being a part of a team. Having the opportunity to intern here has helped me to grow as a writer. Throughout my time here, I wrote blogs about topics I wasn't familiar with in an attempt to expand my horizons, which led to me learning a bunch of interesting information.


While writing simple blogs and collaborating on marketing videos, the interns used Slack, a cloud-based collaborating…

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Meeting Manav

I started working at Tom Crimmins Realty as an intern in the beginning of July and I have loved it every day since then! When I first starting working here I honestly didn't know what to expect and if anything I was a little nervous about working at the fastest growing real estate company on the North Shore. But I have never worked in such an amazing environment where I have been treated like part of the "team" even if I was just an intern writing blogs. The fact that Suzanne & Tom Crimmins and his family are actively involved in the business made the office also quite welcoming, as I pretty much knew they genuinely cared about their business.

My favorite part of the business would most definitely be the people I work…

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Who Am I?

Hey, everyone! My name is Susan Lin and I am one of the blog writers here at Tom Crimmins Realty. I am currently a student of Brooklyn High School of the Arts and will be graduating from the school next year. I still have no clue what college and major I want to do but I hope to do either art, designing, technology and accounting. I hope you are pleased with what you read about Staten Island because some of it is actually written by me! I really hope you visit the island too. I just moved into Staten Island this summer and I love it so far. The island is very peaceful and the people here are very nice. 

My Experience?

I was introduced to Tom Crimmins Realty through Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP). When I was first asked to work…

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Meet Our Interns: Ksenija Farafonova

When I began working at Tom Crimmins Realty I knew very little about marketing and the real estate business. However, at Tom Crimmins Realty I quickly learned about the business, as well as the importance of teamwork and an efficient, cohesive working environment. The working staff was always very friendly and willing to help each other, or if one of the interns needed help. In addition, Tom and Suzanne Crimmins were always actively involved in the business and were often present at the office. This created a very welcoming environment, and allowed the interns to meet the professionals who inspired them. Through this experience I made many talented friends who share my passions and goals. 


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Hiya everyone! I'm Daniel C., one of the blog writers putting out some of the things you've (hopefully) had the pleasure to read over the last month or so. 

Who am I?

I'm a recent Stuyvesant graduate going into NYU. I've lived on Staten Island, near the Verrazano Bridge my entire life, and still will for the next four years.  

My current career aspirations are to go to medical school in hopes of becoming a doctor (what kind, I'm not sure yet). My hobbies, however, tend to be more focused around technology, graphic design, and writing. 

What was my experience at Tom Crimmins Realty?

When I came to Tom Crimmins Realty from the SYEP program, I didn't expect much at all, and honestly expected a boring job that didn't offer much - something very…

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