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Meet Our Interns: Ksenija Farafonova

When I began working at Tom Crimmins Realty I knew very little about marketing and the real estate business. However, at Tom Crimmins Realty I quickly learned about the business, as well as the importance of teamwork and an efficient, cohesive working environment. The working staff was always very friendly and willing to help each other, or if one of the interns needed help. In addition, Tom and Suzanne Crimmins were always actively involved in the business and were often present at the office. This created a very welcoming environment, and allowed the interns to meet the professionals who inspired them. Through this experience I made many talented friends who share my passions and goals. 

My favorite aspect of working at Tom Crimmins Realty was learning about marketing and business. I have always considered studying business in college, because it is applicable to almost any field. At the office, the interns were able to learn about marketing online, as well as in person, professionalism, and the seller-buyer relationship. Some of the interns were even brought along to seller's home, to further discuss and understand the selling/buying process, which included a home inspection. We then composed detailed blogs and short videos discussing the information which we learned, in order to help the public better understand the process. 

This internship was a highly valuable learning experience, and it allowed me to further learn about what it takes to run a Real Estate business. Before working here the Real Estate business was not something I was familiar with, but after just one month I learned about escrow, loans, and the power of attorney. This year I am applying to college and because of my experience at Tom Crimmins Realty I am definitely planning on either majoring or minoring in Marketing/Business. 


If you wish to learn more about rewarding employment opportunities with Tom Crimmins Realty, you can visit our website, call us at (718)-370-3200, or drop by our office at 304 Manor Road.

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