When a homeowner is preparing to sell a home, it can be beneficial to determine the target audience that is most likely to be interested in the property as an important initial step. In some cases, it is advantageous for a homeowner to position a home as a great rental property or investment property, but this requires the right strategy. By adopting a few niche marketing steps, homeowners can work with their real estate agents to market a property appropriately. 

Create A Cash Flow Sheet

Buyers who are searching for a rental or investment property are looking for a return on their investment in most cases, and they also may want to see how large of a down payment is needed in order for the property to realistically turn a profit. A real estate…

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Credit problems are unfortunately common, and they can make it difficult for you to obtain a mortgage. Even if you are able to obtain a mortgage with your credit issues, the rate may be rather high in comparison to what you may qualify for if you obtain a mortgage without fixing your credit problems. While some issues may take a while to fix, you may be able to see a decent increase in your credit rating when you follow a few easy steps.

Pay Off Outstanding Derogatory Credit Items

When you review a copy of your credit report, you may notice that some items have an outstanding balance due. If the account is in good standing, the outstanding balance is not a primary issue unless you have an excessive amount of debt. If the account is not in good…

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Young families often look for many different things in a home than older couples with teenagers or those with an empty nest may look at. Many real estate agents will tell their clients to stage a home so that it appeals to those who are most likely going to be interested in buying it. For sellers who have a family home in a safe, kid-friendly community, staging a home to appeal to young families is a great idea and can be accomplished with a few easy steps.

Clean Up The Back And Front Yards

Young families may spend as much time focusing on the interior of the home as the exterior of the home. While a real estate agent may have made suggestions for sprucing up curb appeal in general, making the area kid-safe and friendly is also a smart idea. Remove…

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It has been another year, and much has changed in Staten Island's real estate market. Here are a few charts that show the changes that occurred between June of 2014 and June of this year.

The chart above shows that there has been a healthy increase in monthly sales. Last year, 307 properties were sold in the month of the July, compared to 340 this year.

This chart shows that there was a slight increase in the average sale price in Staten Island over the last year.

Month Year Monthly Sales Monthly Volume Avg Sale  Median Sold 
June 2014 307 $134,051,951 $436,651 $382,500
Month Year Monthly Sales Monthly Volume Avg Sale  Median Sold 
June 2015 340 $149,489,740 $439,675

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Many people make the decision to move from the country or the suburbs into the heart of the downtown area for a number of reasons, such as to enjoy proximity to work or to enjoy the urban lifestyle. With the higher cost of real estate in central urban areas and with real estate space at a premium, many who make the decision to relocate will need to downsize from a larger house to a smaller condo or apartment. While this can be challenging, it can be accomplished by following a few steps.

Choose The Right Pieces To Keep

When downsizing from a larger house to a smaller apartment or condo, it is often necessary to get rid of some furnishings. It is important to select furnishings that are best suited for the size of the new space as well as the…

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Finding the perfect home to purchase is easier said than done, and savvy home buyers understand the importance of researching the neighborhood as well as the home. All home buyers have unique things that they are looking for in an ideal neighborhood, and these factors will play a major role in how enjoyable a homeowner's living experience is. Those who are shopping for a new home this summer may focus on a few points to find the perfect neighborhood to live in before deciding which home to purchase in that community.

Get A Feel For The Ambiance And Energy Of the Neighborhood

Some home buyers want to find a lovely home in a quiet, mature community. Others may be searching for an active community with kids playing freely in their yards and people…

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When you apply for a new mortgage, your lender may ask if you want to set up monthly payments or bi-weekly payments. At one time, monthly payments were common, but bi-weekly payments are increasing in popularity. This is because they break a large expense up into two smaller and seemingly more manageable payments. In addition, you can also make what equates to a full extra payment on the mortgage each year with a bi-weekly payment structure. Before you decide which is best for you, consider a few factors.

Your Personal Budget

Many people may believe that if they get paid every two weeks, a bi-weekly mortgage payment is a better option than a monthly mortgage payment. This is not always the case. You should consider other sources of income and how…

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The Staten Island Ferry transports about 75,000 people between Staten Island and Manhattan every day. The 8 ferry boats are known by their distinct orange color. The ferry ride offers passengers an excellent view of the Statue of Liberty, and of downtown Manhattan; very attractive to tourists and residents of the city alike.

History of Staten Island Ferry

In the 1700s, several wealthy residents of New York City used their private boats to move around the New York harbor. These boats had 2 masts and a shallow bottom. In the early 19th century, Captain John De Forest commanded the first motorized ferry between the two boroughs. In the mid-1900s, several newer boats were added to the Staten Island Ferry fleet. In July of 1871, one of the ships was…

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One of the most common questions homeowners have before listing their home for sale relates to the selling price. Understanding the value of the home is about far more than just comparing the square footage of the space with other homes that have recently sold in the area. While there are many factors that will play a part in a selling price, location is an important factor for several different reasons.

Neighboring Properties

The properties that are located next to the home for sale are critical to the property value. For example, a home that is located next to a park or a beautifully maintained home may have more appeal than a home located next to a strip center or a gas station. Even with homes that are located just a block or two apart, this…

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The island's first public high school, Curtis, was founded in February of 1904, as part of the city-wide plan to institute a public high school in each outlying borough. The school was named after well-known writer George William Curtis, who had moved to the neighborhood right before the start of the Civil War.


Curtis High School, located in New Brighton, is an architectural feat! The century-old building with its massive square tower, made entirely of brick and limestone, resembles the Neo-Gothic style of architecture, present in Medieval Europe. The building was designated as one of the landmarks of New York City in 1982.


Curtis has 10 specialized programs. It offers a wide array of both humanitarian and technical…

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