Your home is your sanctuary, your personal space. It should be a place that is welcoming to both you and others. When you buy a home from Tom Crimmins Realty, you are buying not just a house, but a place of potential: of memories, growth, and comfort for years to come. For our eager buyers, there is nothing more exciting than decorating their new home to their personal style. But often, as we get busy and caught up in our lives, years pass by, and our home decor falls to the wayside. Professional renovations can be complicated and costly, not to mention the weeks spent dealing with strangers in your home. But fret not, here are a few do-it-yourself tips to bring the life back into your home.

Paint, Paint, Paint

Do you feel like your house is dull and lackluster? Want to increase your curb appeal? Nothing does this better than a fresh coat of paint. Painting is a cheap way to bring some color to the walls of your home. It is not only an aesthetic choice, but can help protect the integrity of your walls, especially drywall and plaster which weaken over time from moisture.

Contain the Clutter

First impressions matter, which is why the first things your guests see when they walk into your home shouldn't be clutter. Try unique coat hangers, cubbies, an umbrella stand, or a small bench for visitors to sit and remove their shoes. Even more practical: a jar or hanging organizer for keys and mail. You’ll never have to scour the floor for your car keys again!

Wake up Your Walls

If you’d like to bring a little elegance to your cabinets, try crown molding. It can be lined right along the corner where your cabinets meet the wall. This small project is a simple way to turn a regular room regal. Although it might look complicated, with a little research you can take on this project all by yourself. For a cheaper alternative to wood, try mdf molding (only in living areas though, extreme heat from bathrooms or kitchens can ruin mdf!)

Take a (back) splash!

If there is one thing that can date your house, it’s the kitchen. Old cabinets and appliances can make your kitchen feel stale and drab. Give your eatery a contemporary feel with a tiled backsplash. For a neutral, urban vibe try dark grout or marble. If you’re looking for cozier rustic vibes, warm terracotta or wood add a perfect charm.

Curtains and Carpets and Candles, oh my!

When you think home renovation, it might conjure up images of ripped up carpeting, sheets of tarp and power tools strewn about. But not all renovations are a project: sometimes its as little as a trip to the Bed, Bath and Beyond. Grab a scented candle, to tie the room together, a printed rug to spruce up rugged wood floors, or some light, airy curtain to invite natural light into your home. Smaller details like this can give your abode ambiance.

Give it a twist

If you’re looking for a notable change on a whim, try shifting your furniture around! It might sound silly, but something as simple as rearranging your living room or bedroom can open up the area, inviting conversation or more room for storage and decor. The best part about this trick: It takes less than 5 minutes and it's absolutely free!


The best part about having your own home is that it can grow with your taste. A few simple renovation can keep your house contemporary, while still tailored to your personal style. Looking to invest in a space of your own? Contact us at 718-370-3200 or visit our website at  for more information on buying or renting a new home.



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