Why Hire a Professional Photographer to Take Photos of Your Home? 

If you are looking to sell your home online, the first thing you have to do is take pictures of your home because you need to show people what your home looks like. First impressions are everything to a person. If potential buyers see low-quality and unappealing photos of the house that you are selling online, they will potentially skip, ignore, or hate it. However, if the buyers do decide to give the home a chance, the way they in which your home is presented could positively impact their first impressions. In fact, they could visualize something dramatically different then what your home looks like. That is why hiring a professional photographer is the best option for you to sell your home

Research and Statistics

According to the National Association of REALTORS® Research Department's research in 2017, about 99% of Millennials, 89% of Older Boomers, and 77% of the Silent Generation search online websites to buy potential future homes. Today in the 21st century, the majority of the population and soon to be potential buyers are composed of millennials. Since 99% of them look online, showing high-quality photos of the house that you're selling is crucial. Nowadays, we see everyone on their computers, tablets, cell phones, etc, and they see photos every day on their devices. If you want to sell your home to a future potential buyer, you need to make your photos stand out. Otherwise, it will be ignored because nobody will pay attention and move on to the next home photos from another seller. Additionally, 89% of buyers found photos very useful. So, photos are one of the most important things to sell your home, and you should consider taking them seriously

More Statistics:

  • 44% looked online for properties for sale
  • 20% have said they only focus on the description
  • 18% of Millennials looked online for information
  • 53% of Younger Boomers looked online for properties for sale
  • 58% of all buyers found homes on mobile devices
  • Professional photos can help sell your listing closer to original price by 40%
  • Listings with professional photos are being viewed 118% more
  • Listings with high-quality photos can gain anywhere between $934 and $116,076 more on the market
  • Homes listed between $400,000 to $500,000 sell 18% better in the first six months with high-quality photographs
  • Homes with professional photos get 60% more views online than the ones that are taken with our regular cellphones


You only get one chance to make a good first impression to the buyers. Professional photographers know how to take photographs to make all rooms look more appealing. The better the pictures turn out, the faster your home will sell.  Professional photographers know how to edit photos also, so they can edit to emphasize the best features of each room. We understand that you might not want to hire a professional photographer due to the cost, but we assure you it is well worth it. A good photographer can charge anywhere from $50-$200, but professional photographs help to sell the home. If you are an agent, hiring a professional photographer also shows homeowners that you are committed to selling their home and helping them out, and buyers will see the true beauty of the home and will be more inclined to buy it. 

We at Tom Crimmins Realty hire professional photographers. We know that photos are one of the most important things to help sell homes. We want the homeowners (of the house that is being sold) to feel that we are taking our jobs seriously as real estate licensed agents. As agents of Tom Crimmins Realty, we want to help clients to sell their old homes and even help them find new ones. If you want to contact us at Tom Crimmins Realty, call us at (718)-370-3200 or click our website here: https://www.tomcrimminsrealty.com.   

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