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Why Hire a Professional Photographer to Take Photos of Your Home? 

If you are looking to sell your home online, the first thing you have to do is take pictures of your home because you need to show people what your home looks like. First impressions are everything to a person. If potential buyers see low-quality and unappealing photos of the house that you are selling online, they will potentially skip, ignore, or hate it. However, if the buyers do decide to give the home a chance, the way they in which your home is presented could positively impact their first impressions. In fact, they could visualize something dramatically different then what your home looks like. That is why hiring a professional photographer is the best option for you to sell your

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P.S. 55 The Henry M. Boehm School


Principal: Sharon B. Fishman 

Assistant principals: Paul Giordano 

P.S. 36 is located on 54 Osborne St, Staten Island, NY 10312. P.S.55 is located on the corner of Osborne Street and Woods of Arden Road. This school currently has an enrollment of 638 students from grades Pre-k to 5th grade. On www.greatschools.org this school is rated above average. According to their website "Where every student can learn and achieve.  As a learning community, we will work collaboratively to modify and adjust instruction and performance tasks so all students have access to the learning, as well as engage in productive struggles of learning." P.S. 55 is located in the town of Eltingville. Eltingville is a very quiet

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The Clove Valley School is located at 60 Foote Ave, Staten Island, NY 10301 and is part of the New York City Public School District 31. Grade levels range from Kindergarten to the fifth grade, servicing about 375 students. 

Administration and Support Staff

The Clove Valley School has a large, professional staff working to support and help the students and school. The staff includes: 

  • The principal: Mrs. Melissa Garofalo, hosts in-house professional development sessions to meet and reflect on different teaching approaches to construct differentiating instruction to meet the needs of every student at the school, helping to create a healthy and positive school environment. 
  • Secretary: Marilyn Giordano.
  • School Aides: Lena Capraro,
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P.S.5 The Huguenot School


Principal: Lisa Arcuri

Administrator: Linda Apostolopoulos & Evan Schwartz

Mascot: N/A

P.S. 5 is located on 348 Deisius St, Staten Island, NY 10312. P.S.5 has an enrollment of 257 kids from grades k-5. P.S. 5 is located on the corner of Deisius Street and Kingdom Avenue. According to their website "Everyone learns Everday." P.S.5 was rated above average in school quality compared to other schools in NYC, a whopping 10 out of 10 on www.greatschools.org. This school is in the neighborhood of Huguenot. Huguenot is bordered by Princes Bay, Annadale, and Woodrow. These are all lovely towns and neighborhoods to live in. All residential areas with plenty of schools around these areas. We here at Tom Crimmins Realty,

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P.S. 50 Frank Hankinson School


Principal: Joseph Santello 

Assistant principals: Erika Desiano & Janet Miller

Mascot: N/A

P.S. 50 is located on 200 Adelaide Ave, Staten Island, NY 10306. Cross street is Whitehall street.This elementary school which has grades kindergarten to 5th grade is in Oakwood, Staten Island. According to their website "We are dedicated to preparing our children to be creative, self-expressive and productive members of society. We will challenge each of our unique pupils to master all basic skills, be problem solvers and think independently while always being respectful of our individual differences. Our pupils will strive to adapt readily to our rapidly challenging world.' Oakwood, Staten Island is a great place to

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 P.S. 6 Corporal Allan F. Kivlehan School


Principal: Elizabeth Waters

Assistant principals: Dennis Forde

Mascot: Eagles

P.S. 6 is located on 555 Page Avenue, Staten Island, NY, 10307. Cross street is Hylan Boulevard. This elementary school which has grades kindergarten to 5th grade is in Tottenville, Staten Island. Tottenville is a well sought after area, with its beautiful suburban feel. P.S. 6 is one of the fantastic schools on the South Shore. This elementary school is located in a very convenient area, it's right off of Hylan Boulevard which has a ton of bus routes from one end of the island to the other. Tottenville is bordered by Pleasant Plains, Princes Bay, and Charleston. Here at Tom Crimmins, we have beautiful houses available

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 P.S. 36 J.C Drumgoole

Principal: Barbara Bellafatto

Assistant principals: Anne Marie Cortes & Stephanie Bassett


P.S. 36 is located on 255 Ionia Avenue, Staten Island, NY, 10312. Cross street is Jefferson Boulevard.This elementary school which has grades kindergarten to 5th grade is in Annadale, Staten Island. Annadale is a well sought after area, with its beautiful suburban feel. Residents of this area often say how good of a fit it is to live in Annadale due to it's quiet and safe streets, some even say it's best for starting or having a family. P.S. 36 is one of the fantastic schools on the South Shore. According to their website "We are dedicated to educating the whole child. We seek to offer a comprehensive,

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P.S. 13 M.L Lindenmeyer

P.S. 13 is located at 191 Vermont Avenue, Staten Island, NY, 10305. P.S.13 is a large school with an enrollment of 848 kids. To help guide them is the Principal, Paul Martuccio, and his three assistant principals, Stephanie Fremer, Danielle Nola, and Valerie Panzella!  P.S. 13s Mascot is a bee with a very important motto, "Be the best you can be!" P.S.13 is located in Rosebank, Staten Island!  Rosebank is bordered by Clifton and Arrochar, all neighborhoods are extremely close to the Verrazano bridge! This school is at the corner of Vermont Avenue and Hylan Boulevard. Sounds good right?  Here at Tom Crimmins we have a bunch of active listings in this town! Please click here to be redirected to active listings in the Rosebank

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P.S. 53 The Barbara Esselborn School


P.S. 53 is located at 330 Durant Avenue which is on the corner of Ainsworth and Durant Avenue. P.S. 53 offers grades pre-k to 5th grade, Beth Albano is principal and along side as her assistant principal is Kim Bilotti. P.S. 53 received a rating of 8/10 and test scores at this school are above average! Go Tigers!  This School is located in the town of Bay Terrace. Bay Terrace is bored by Richmondtown, Oak Wood, Great Kills, and Great Kills Harbor. WOW, what great neighborhoods to live in!  Here, at Tom Crimmins Realty we have plenty of listings in this area. Bay Terrace is a quiet place to live and is mostly residental but it has it's perks! Just off Bay Terrace is the infamous Hylan Boulevard! A plethora of

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P.S.29 Bardwell

 P.S. 29 is located at the corner of Victory Boulevard an Slosson Avenue. Enrollment at this school is currently 583 students and this elementary school offers grades kindergarten to 5th grade. Linda Manfredi is the current principal of this fantastic school. P.S. 29 is home of the bengals. Go bengals!!! P.S. 29s goal is to provide all students with a warm and nurturing enviroment nd to reinforce the importance of excellence in both socially and academically. This school is in the neighborhood of Castleton Corners. Castleton corners is adjoined by Royal oak, Lower Todt Hill, Clove Lakes, and Westerleigh. The best thing about this area is the amount of beautiful homes for sale! This is a great place to live in Staten Island! Please click

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