Tom Delese - Recognized As One Of Zillow's Top Real Estate Agents

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Earlier this year, Tom Delese received the first Rising Star Award at SIBOR's 2014 Top Producer's Breakfast, Agent Day. Now, Tom Delese is being recognized as one of Zillow's Top Real Estate Agent. We are proud of our friend and fellow real estate salesperson, Tom Delese, on his accomplishments.

'Zillow’s going coast-to-coast shining the spotlight on some of the best agents in cities across the country. These Zillow Premier Agents are successful in their community and have used Zillow to help grow their business.'

By Alena Pilichowski
July 2, 2014

Today’s New York, NY agent finds balance in his life by enjoying numerous hobbies outside of his career, including flying remote control aircraft, collecting books, and building wooden train sets. Beyond unique pastimes, he brings great perspective to real estate having worked in many capacities over the years.

Tom Delese
Tom Delese


Name: Tom DeLese

Brokerage Tom Crimmins Realty

Years in business: 2

Years as a Zillow Premier Agent: 1.5

Favorite home style: Country

We asked Tom what makes him successful. Here’s what he had to say:

Zillow: Why are you successful as a real estate agent?
Tom: There’s no question that it’s a reflection of my interests and the many different jobs I’ve had. The pieces finally found a way to fit together. From being a musician in front of large audiences to being a scoutmaster lost in the Rocky Mountains. When you are in charge, it all just makes you who you are.

Zillow: Who or what inspired you to work in real estate?
Tom: I have known my broker Tom Crimmins most of my life. I watched him go from being a NYC police officer to a police sergeant to retirement, only to come back in a new career as the number one real estate agent on Staten Island. To me this seems impossible, yet it is now history. How could I not try selling real estate when a man like this saw the potential in me?

Zillow: What is the best part of your job?
Tom: Being able to apply many of the things I have experienced and do well and use them not only for my own benefit, but to serve others. It’s just wonderful when the people you work with recognize and appreciate what you helped them accomplish.

Zillow: What are 3 pieces of advice you have for success on Zillow?

  1. Listen to your sales rep and take their advice. I was happy with my lead generation without realizing my entire profile was a mess. Had I paid more attention from the get-go, who knows how many more leads I would have generated.
  2. Take advantage of the free seminars. I took something useful away from every one that I listened to and, to my surprise, a lot of the tips worked. You can teach an old dog new tricks, it just takes more time and a lot more treats.
  3. Don’t be afraid to purchase an area others don’t seem to want. I did mainly because of availability, but I was able to convert many leads into what was considered more desirable areas.

Zillow: What is the best compliment you’ve ever received from a client?
Tom: My very first review from my very first sale had the line: “Tom is the most genuine person I have ever met.” I was moved by that statement because it sums me up perfectly; for better or worse, what you see is what you get, bad jokes and all.

Zillow: How do you manage your to-do list?
Tom: Having worked as a newspaper advertising sales rep for 34 years gives me a great advantage in managing my daily procedures. The similarities of the two jobs amazes me. The best tip I can give you is to start your day by reviewing what you missed yesterday and do it before moving on. Also, keep your desk under control and try to handle every piece of paper just once.

Tom DeLese describes his hobby of flying remote control aircraft as similar to working in real estate: fun and exciting, but full of unexpected ups and downs.

Zillow: What are a few mobile apps or pieces of technology you can’t live without?
Tom: I never used an iPhone for any of my previous jobs or hobbies. This one piece of equipment has become my most valuable asset with all these fantastic apps, including Zillow. However, it’s both a good and bad thing; you’re never really on a day off with this technology in your hand.

Zillow: When you’re not selling real estate, what do you enjoy in your free time?
Tom: It depends on the weather. On sunny days with low wind, you will find me flying remote control model aircraft. This is a great hobby and a lot like real estate. One minute you’re flying along beautifully and the next minute, you’re not. However, both are still worth undertaking and meeting the challenges. On other days you will find me in my workshop building handmade wooden train sets that are donated to various organizations.

Zillow: How do you stay active in the local community?
Tom: About 10 years ago I started collecting books with my primary resource being the Salvation Army thrift shop. When new books suddenly stopped appearing, I asked what had happened and was informed there was no one to keep up the inventory. I volunteered and still put in about five hours a week to this very day keeping those shelves stocked.

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