Santa Visits The NYPD of Staten Island!


SPECIAL DELIVERY FROM SANTA & HIS HELPERS TO NEW YORK’S FINEST! This past Friday consisted of 4 NYPD Precincts, boxes of lunches, trays of Cookies, some laughs, 4 retired NYPD Members — 3 of which who are now real estate agents, a photographer to capture these moments, one amazingly jolly Santa Claus, and…a GOAT!

We began our journey of bringing lunch to the NYPD and all its members of Staten Island in St. George at the 120 Precinct, where we were greeted with smiles and warm welcomes as Santa marched his way up the stairs on Richmond Terrace! He, of course, was the main attraction that never ceased to bring a smile to the amazing men and women of this precinct, and having him deliver lunches made him that much more exciting to see! The officers on shift were so gracious as they took time out of their day to take some pictures, but also speak with us and make us feel at home!


The Next stop was the 122 Precinct, located on Hylan Blvd. in the great town of New Dorp. Once again, the welcoming was great and the retired brothers in blue (Tom Crimmins, John Baldassano, Joseph Alameda a.k.a Santa, & Tom Zanata) got a chance to share some of their stories of the times they spent on the force with some of the younger officers on shift. Commanding Officer, Luigi Carrubba was a gracious host and joined in on the gathering and sharing of these moments in time. The smiles were constant knowing that they each shared this special bond. They would never tell you this, all sharing the utmost humility, but, as someone looking from the outside in like I was now writing this, these brothers & sisters, this special bond, and all the stories that were told were that of heroes! They each committed to serve and protect their communities, and they each sacrificed everyday to be members of the NYPD!


Once we wrapped up at the 122, we hopped in Santa’s Sleigh and the reindeer powered us all the way over to the South Shore— Tottenville to be more specific, right across the street from our old Tom Crimmins Realty store front on Main Street. The 123 Precinct was our biggest greeting yet and once again, the officers were fantastic and so happy to see good ‘ol Father Christmas. Commanding Officer Glorisel Lee was on the scene to meet us and she was so happy to join in on the conversations and the pictures. The old stories of our owner, Tom Crimmins, were flowing, as Joe, Tom, and John (Tom's former partner) chimed in and the people of the 123 were happy to share some of their own, more recent stories…MUCH MORE RECENT STORIES. We all enjoyed the moment, but we knew we couldn't take up too much of these fine men and women's off to the next and final precinct we went.


Last but certainly not least, our final stop on our Christmas Delivery tour was the beautiful 121 Precinct in Graniteville. It was there where were met by John Sibal & Sean Mondello who are both members of the community affairs sector of the NYPD. Tom, having coached John in basketball, relived their moments of the Blessed Sacrament days before heading into the 121! We were met by more fellow officers, each as willing to help carry the lunches in as the next, and we all stood around continuing some of the conversations from the other precincts and expressing our deepest gratitude for all that the NYPD does for us!

You can tell that the men and women of all the precincts we went to were serious about their roles and duties, but thankfully for us, we had a GOAT with us to help lighten the mood and remind everyone of the holiday spirit…this wasn’t just any GOAT…this was Jude Romano, THE INSURANCE GOAT! Some stories that were shared didn’t always lead to laughter. They were serious — tough days on the job which meant tougher reactions from those listening, but thankfully Jude had a way to cheer everyone up and keep the holiday joy alive!

All in all, the day was fantastic. Former and current NYPD officers got a chance to share their memories and warm welcomes, and we were all able to capture the Christmas spirit, truly feeling what Christmas is all about, while being in the presence of Santa Claus who did an amazing job of bringing a smile to every officers' face. It was a beautiful day that truly embodied the Holiday Spirit and, we, over at Tom Crimmins Realty felt extremely grateful that we were welcomed with such open arms and able to do a little something for the Men and Women of the NYPD.

We would like to end this article by thanking the many people that made this all possible. First, the NYPD officers themselves and all the commanding officers, who, without them none of this would be possible! Next, the one who is usually behind the scenes working her magic and being the great and powerful Oz that keeps the powerhouse of Tom Crimmins Realty alive, Suzanne Crimmins, for organizing all the lunch and cookie treys! Along with Sue, we would like to thank our namesake and retired NYPD Sgt., Tom Crimmins and all the members of our Tom Crimmins Realty family who helped throughout the day: Joseph Alameda a.k.a Santa (Former NYPD officer), Tom Zanata (Retired NYPD Sgt. and Licensed Real Estate Agent), John Baldassano (Retired NYPD officer and Licensed Real Estate Agent/Home inspector), and Alec Willis who captured the entire day!


Last, and certainly not least, we would like to thank the sponsors, who without their generous donations, we wouldn't have been able to have such a successful day. The 5 Sponsors were:

The Insurance GOAT — Jude Romano

Think Mortgage — Larry Ambrosino & Anthony Focca

The Law Offices of Daniel J. Byrnes, esq. — Dan Byrnes (Retired NYPD Sgt.

William J. Golding, Attorney at Law

Tom Crimmins Realty — Suzanne & Tom Crimmins

These amazing sponsors made it possible for us to purchase and donate all the lunches and trays of cookies for each of the 4 precincts! In addition to our day with the NYPD, Suzanne Crimmins had the amazing idea of donating chocolate truffles to each and every firehouse on Staten Island. She came up with the idea while thinking, of course, of her son, Bobby Crimmins who was a former NYPD officer, but is now a member of the FDNY. So with that idea in mind...Tom Crimmins will be making his way around Staten Island to all 19 Firehouses in the coming week!

We hope you enjoy all the photos from Friday’s Special Delivery to New York’s Finest! (Click HERE to view them all)


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