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Taking care of your roof is an important part of home maintenance and you don’t want to suffer a leak or any other problem during the cold months.

Here are some tips that every homeowner should know:

Check Out Your Gutters

Your gutters are an important part of your roof, because they allow water to flow away from the roof surface before it causes rot and damage. During the winter, your gutters will be more likely to get clogged with fallen leaves, snow and ice and can get blocked if they are not cleared out.

Get yourself a ladder and a friend to hold it for you and clean any leaves, debris and dirt from the gutters.Flush the gutters outwith a hose afterward to ensure they are clean. If your gutters have become damaged or leaky, you can use

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Fri, Dec. 13, 2013

10:00 am

- 7:00 pm

 The PATH Family Center, 1779 Richmond Ave.

Holiday Boutique Fundraiser

 Take pictures with Santa, supervised kids playroom while you shop. Vendors still welcome.

 Free Admission


Fri, Dec. 13, 2013

11:00 am 

- 2:00 pm



 Eden II Adult Services, 94 Wright Ave.                          

10th Annual Holiday Craft Fair

 Join Eden II for lunch, baked goods, knick knacks and other holiday goodies!


Fri, Dec. 13, 2013

7:00 pm

 - 9:00 pm


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In 1817, a year after his election, Vice President Daniel D. Tompkins developed the first motorized ferry for the Richmond Turnpike Company, as a part of his created Tompkinsville. He financed the Turnpike Company himself. Tompkins first intensions was to create a highway across Staten Island. Before the motorized ferry, there were originally "two-masted sailingboats."

John De Forest was the first captain of this new motorized ferry, name the Nautilus, named after the Nautilus Hall. De Forest was the brother-in-law of Cornelius Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt bought the company in 1838 but sold it to his brother Jacob in the early 1860's when the American Civil War began.

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  • Empty milk or orange juice cardboard container
  • Graham Crackers
  • Marshmallows
  • M&M's, gummy bears, mints/life savors,
  • Twizzlers/candy canes
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Cutting Knife
  • Icing/Frosting
  • Sprinkles
  • Styrofoam Plate


  1. Wash out your empty milk or orange juice container and place on styrofoam plate.
  2. Hot glue the opening closed, this will be used as the roof.
  3. To measure how many graham crackers you need, lay onto container. Remember to have enough pieces for four walls and a roof.
  4. Use a marker to note where to cut. Have an adult use a cutting knife to take off excessive pieces.
  5. Once all pieces are
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Whether you are purchasing a new home or you are considering applying to refinance your home, chances are the lender will require an escrow account. These accounts are often a source of confusion for homeowners. In reality, these accounts benefit the homeowner and help protect the lender.

What Is An Escrow Account?

Escrow accounts are sometimes called "impound" accounts. These accounts are set up to help manage payments of property taxes and homeowner's insurance. Depending on the individual requirements of the lender, you may be asked to pay as much as one-quarter of these upfront and they will be put into the account for the purposes of making payments.

Who Controls Escrow Accounts?

Lenders have complete control over escrow accounts.

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Although Islanders relate the Expressway with a hassle, without it we would not have the Westwood Park.  "Master Builder" Robert Moses is linked to the development of the route and park. states, "In his effort to bring New York into the automobile era, Moses constructed 416 miles of highway and 13 bridges. Westwood Park and the Staten Island Expressway for which this land was acquired."

The land was an undeveloped land until 1973.  A local community group turned the park into a playground consisting of a basketball court, obstacle coure, slide, park benches and more.  It was named Sunrise Hill Park; however, it was all destroyed by local teenagers and the park was restored back to its natural state in 1980.

Commissioner Stern

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Fri, Dec. 06, 2013


   7:00 pm -

9:00 pm 


South Shore YMCA, 3939 Richmond Ave.


 YMCA Holiday Zumbafest

 Raffles, 50/50, giveaways and more. All proceeds benefit the Y's Strong Kids Campaign. 

 Contact: Valerie Krause 



Fri, Dec. 06, 2013 


Sat, Dec. 07, 2013


 7:00 pm -


2:00 pm -



Full Cup, 388 Van Duzer St.



 "Pumpkin Soup"


 Play about an 11 year old boy with  autism and his struggles with family during the holidays. 


Reserve tickets at the gmail account:

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George Washington landed on Staten Island and set up a look-out, at Fort Wadsworth, for the British arrival.  General Howe arrived in New York City on July 2nd, 1776.  His British troops were camped in Watering Place (Tompkinsville) to prepare for a battle against Washington.  However, British troops stalled and instead inforced Islanders to surrender their rights and sign allegiance to the King.

Howe and other American loyalist, including John Adams and Benjamin Franklin, met up a few months later to discuss negotiations for peace.  The meeting took place on September 11, 1776 at the home of a British loyalist, Christopher Billopp.  The NYC Parks and Recreation states, "Lord Howe offered to end the conflict peacefully if the American colonies would

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Selling a home in this economy can be very stressful. This list is a must do to assist in the sale transaction.

The most important thing to remember is "don't spend money." If you need to spend some don't spend a lot and make sure to spend it wisely!

  1. Clean clutter! - Clutter hurts the sale of the home. It make the rooms appear smaller. It is a complete turnoff! Some times people perceive clutter as uncleanliness. Another idea is too have a yard or garage sale. 
  2. If you decide to have a garage sale combine it with an open house. Yes chances are you will have same nosy bargain hunters but you never know. Bargain hunters may have relative or friends that are looking just be certain to have enough help around for obvious security reasons. Don't
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You can find some of Westerleigh Park's history here.  Staten Island Advance reported that the park is getting some new additions and a face lift. 

Some of the improvements are:

  • Drains and 'rain gardens' to prevent any storm water damage 
  • Repaved walkways and new paved stones at the entrances

The Parks Department is investing million dollars for these improvements; Borough President James Molinaro, Debi Rose and James Oddo are funding this project.

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