Should You Still List During the Holiday Season?

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty, Ltd. on Tuesday, November 25th, 2014 at 1:14pm.

Holiday season is here and sellers have numerous real estate questions on their minds. Should I keep my property on the market? Should I list now or after the holidays? When is the best time to list?

It was originally thought that listing your property during the holidays was not the wise decision. However, with the Internet and potential buyers constantly on their phones, this forces the old logic to hold off until after the holidays out the window. Zillow said it best, "As a result of the Internet, our hectic schedules and mobile lifestyles, the fall months are no longer a real estate dead zone...There’s plenty of action happening after Labor Day through Christmas. The reality is, the home buying season is now year-round."

Today's serious buyers are always looking — and the holidays make no exception. 

Less Competition with Lighter Inventory

Because of the myth that holidays are bad for selling your home, sellers often take their properites off the market. This results in a smaller inventory pool for buyers to look at, which is great for you! There is less competition for sellers, and buyers are motivated to view your home.

"If you’ve been considering selling, are motivated, are flexible on timing and have a home that truly sparkles, consider listing right after Thanksgiving. There’s still a window of several weeks to get buyers into your home before the end of the year." (Zillow, Brendon DeSimone)

Not Getting Any Traffic?

When buyers and their agents notice a house has been on the market for a few months, they may question the property. The holidays can be the perfect time to make a price reduction and/or address any issues previous offers or viewings may have brought up. Motivated buyers will notice when a change has been made to a property. When an inventory change has been made to your property, it is put on "the hot sheet" on MLS.

It's best to discuss your options with your Staten Island real estate agent.

Is The Holidays Too Much To Handle?

If the idea of maintaining the house and being at the ready for showings during the holidays is a turn off, list after New Year's. There usually is not a lot of listings in January, but this goes back to the less competition point. Buyers are still on the prowl!

"Often, new buyers — with their fresh New Year’s resolutions to stop wasting money on rent and buy a home — are ready to jump into the market as soon as possible. Some buyers are motivated to search for a home in January because of year-end tax planning." (DeSimone)

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