Lion Statues and Red Door's have meaning:

Have you ever been around Staten Island, Brooklyn or different parts of New York and seen two lions in front of homes or even a red door? Well in Real Estate there are traditions that homeowners uphold depending on their own beliefs or based on what the signs mean.

Well homeowners having two lions on the front of their home actually have significant meaning. The meaning of the lion stands very true and honest to its meaning, representation of honor, respect, and strength whether it is put in front of a door or beside a stairway. It can also be found in well-known structures like New York and Paris or even Quebec. A lion statue found at the front of a driveway is meant to watch over a certain area. Given that lions are regarded as majestic beasts, it is not surprising that their symbolic meaning has to do with strength and their authority to do so.

Each lion statue has various different meanings from protecting a home to even showing honor to those that live there.Lion statues are believed by Buddhists to bring good fortune and peace. In Italy, they represent strength and prestige. However the true meaning is to show that the homeowners have fully paid off their mortgage.

Have you seen homes with a red door? Similar to lion statues in front of homes, the red door has a similar meaning. The red door doesn’t have a true meaning as it is only believed by very few compared to lion statues but some paint their door red to show they have fully paid off their mortgage as well. Red is the hue that drives evil away in Chinese tradition. It bestows health and luck. Despite the color's luck, not everyone chooses to paint their doors red on a regular basis. Instead, houses will place Chinese literature printed on red paper throughout the Chinese New Year. Some Americans chose to paint their doors red to show they are neighborly. Even in American history, homes with red doors signified they were safe places for travelers to stay and rest as well.

These are the two most common types of symbols and signs that homes have fully paid off their mortgage or have to show religious/historical beliefs.

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