Use These Buzzworthy Words in Your Staten Island Listing

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty on Saturday, April 2nd, 2016 at 11:49am.

Just as pictures are worth a thousand words in selling your Staten Island home, your listing description is just as powerful. Words that you use in your real estate listing can really impact the first impression that the property makes on potential buyers. Whether you are writing the real estate listing, or the house is being promoted by one of our real estate professionals, it is important to use the right words to convey what pictures might not be able to. 

Here are a few words to use in your description that will really bring positive attention to your real estate listing:

"Within Walking Distance Of..."

People like knowing their surroundings, some times street names don't ring a bell but businesses and bus routes do. Can you walk from your home to the supermarket, the local pub, the shopping mall, the elementary school or the dog park? Make sure you advertise if your Staten Island home is in walking distance of the supermarket, mall, park, etc., on your real estate listing! Buyers are looking for homes that are accessible to the major amenities that they use in their everyday lives, because this saves them time and money on fuel and is more convenient.

"Stainless" & "Granite"

“Stainless” is typically used to describe kitchens with “stainless steel appliances.” It’s in your favor to talk up these features in your listing — especially if your home is in the bottom price tier. In our analysis, lower-priced homes with the word “stainless” sold for 5 percent more on average than expected. In the same vein as “stainless,” “granite” is typically used to describe countertops or another high-end home feature. Listings with the word “granite” sold, on average, for 1 to 4 percent more than expected across all price tiers. (Zillow)

"Plenty of Storage Space"

Let's face it, hoarding is real. Many people have an incredible amount of stuff and can't seem to part with their belongings - so they need a house that has enough room to store it all. A home with plenty of well organised closets and storage space will be desirable, because it will suggest a comfortable and well organised living environment rather than a cramped and cluttered existence that you see on TLC.

"Move Right In"

If your home is fully finished and doesn’t require any renovations, make sure that potential buyers know this. A Staten Island home that is in “move in condition” will be very desirable to some people who don’t want to take on the headache and hard work of a fixer-upper.

"Light and Spacious"

We are attracted to bright open spaces and floor plans that have a comfortable flow. If your home has a lot of natural light and an open floor plan, this is a great attribute that you should highlight in the listing.

Bonus Round: Don't simply write "too many amenities to list". Write all the amenities! Why not boast your home as much as possible and show potential buyers why your home is different and more appealing than others.

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