Surf, Sun, Sand: A Staten Island Summer

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty on Sunday, July 15th, 2018 at 11:58am.

These blistering July days call for sun, surf, and sand! Fortunately, Staten Island doesn't get its name for no reason. Richmond County, completely surrounded by water, is home to these stunning, yet different beaches:

South Beach

South Beach is the perfect mix of chill beach vibes, and boardwalk fun. It is located in the Eastern shore of the island, very accessible via car, bus (s51 or s52) or walking. The beach is around 2 miles long, which mean there's always a place to lay your towel! The boardwalk, officially the Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk, stretches 2.5 miles, from Fort Wadsworth to Miller's Field. It was built in 1935, under the guidance of the Works Progress Administration, and once boasted the bustling Happy Land Amusement. With this legacy, it was formerly known as the " Riviera of New York." Despite shedding the nickname, the boardwalk still offers a variety of restaurants, vendors, and activities. Try renting a bike for the day, or take a visit to the park, including jungle gyms and spray showers for the kids. The beach also hosts a number of athletic fields and small performances. 

Midland Beach

Sister to South Beach, these two seaside spots are actually connected. Despite sharing the Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk, Midland Beach tends to be the quieter of the two, making it an ideal lounging area. The beach also features the sea turtle fountains, playground, and shuffleboard court, allowing for entertainment for crowds of all ages. Midland Beach also hosts a veterans memorial, a tribute to Staten Island residents who served and died in World War I, World War II and the Korean and Vietnam Wars.  Midland Beach was once a highly trafficked beach resort during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In 1896, nearby Manhattan and Newark, New Jersey residents flocked to the tourist spot by trolley and excursion boats. The beach-side resorts featured casino, amusement attractions, a fishing pier, and vaudeville entertainment.  All these attractions no longer exist, except for the Ocean Breeze Fishing Pier, which opened in September 2003. This pier has recently been complemented by the recent construction of the Ocean breeze Athletic Facility. 

Cedar Grove Beach 

Cedar Grove is New York City's most recent beach endeavor. It was recently converted from long-standing shore side bungalows to a fresh, clean beach. This was much to the excitement of local New Dorp residents who praise Cedar Grove's family-friendly feel. The area features ample parking, with a medium-sized parking lot available, and street parking along sides of rest of the remaining bungalow homes. In a word, this beach's vibes can be described as laid back. It even offers scenic offshore view of West Bank Lighthouse. 
An additional plus: the sand offers an offshore view of West Bank Lighthouse.

Wolf's Pond Beach and Park 

Wolf's Pond Beach is located Great Kills. Unlike South or Cedar Grove, this beach is also known for its scenic rocky coastline. This is the "natural beach," as referred to by the parks department, but there also lies the "swimming beach"," which is clearly identifiable with marked lifeguard on duty during daytime hours. As one of Staten Island's largest parks, Wolfe's Pond doubles as a beautiful beach, as well as a wildlife and plant preserve. It is also a recreation area with space for children or the young-at-heart space to  run, climb, and explore. Keeping up with the American Spirit Islanders hold so dear, Every 4th of July, Wolf's Pond Park sponsors a fireworks show, featuring food venues and live entertainment!  Hundred of South Shore residents, and even those from beyond, gather annually to take park in this exciting event. 

Crescent Beach

This quaint shore lies between Great Kills and Eltingville. This beach is a small sandbar that separates the Crescent Beach community from the Great Kills Harbor. At low tide, the beach is crescent shaped, which is how it earned its name. The area also features a park, making it the perfect place for a summer afternoon. It is the smallest of the listed Staten Island Beaches, but cozy all the same. In 2009, Congressman Vincent Ignizio announced hopes of revitalizing this tucked-away shore. The project is now underway by the New York City Parks Department. There are plans to add jogging trails, a plaza, and an expanded playground in the area. The projected completion date is April of 2019, making Crescent Beach the soon-to-be place-to-be. 

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