A vegetarian is someone who doesn't eat any forms of animal meat including fish and poultry. Unlike vegans, vegetarians can eat animal products like eggs and milk. For most people, vegetarianism is a moral or religious choice but it can actually be extremely beneficial for your health. Numerous people ranging from celebrities to historical figures have sworn to vegetarianism. Going as far back to Leonardo da Vinci to today's Steve Jobs, vegetarianism is a choice that many benefit from. 

Heart Disease 

One in four deaths in America are caused by cardiovascular disease or more commonly known as heart disease. This sounds extremely morbid but it is a sad truth to be told. Heart disease occurs when plaque (which is a way substance that is made up of cholesterol and fatty molecules,) builds up in blood vessels and arteries which limits nutrients and oxygen to the brain and other vital organs. The main cause for this is highly saturated fats in the diet. The main source of an average omnivore's diet (someone who eats both meats and vegetables) are the animal fats found in poultry and fish. Vegetarianism can significantly lower the risk of heart disease. By simply cutting out all meats in a diet quickly and effectively lower plaque build up. The added fiber from the plant intake one will consume will also help lower cholesterol levels. 

Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is exactly what it sounds like. When your blood pressure is too high it causes strain on your heart and blood vessels which increases the risk of cardiac arrest or a heart attack. Thankfully, within a speedy two weeks, a vegetarian diet has been proven to lower blood pressure. Since fat intake will be lowered on a vegetarian diet, the blood will naturally be thinner and blood pressure will lower, putting less of a strain on your heart. 

Weight Loss 

This is very simple. A healthier diet that cuts out animal flesh will eliminate most or even all of the saturated fat in one's diet. Yes this sounds repetitive, however; a better diet will help anyone shed the extra pounds even without strenuous exercise.  

Mental Health 

It is clinically proven that cutting out meat will improve mood. People who consume meat have a very high arachidonic acid (AA) intake. AA has been shown to disturb mood and when meat and fish consumption is lowered, mood is obviously improved. 

Sustainability of the Environment 

Becoming a vegetarian not only improves mental and physical health, but also helps the environment. Humans eat hundreds of tons of animals every year. The sheer amount of resources that is required to raise thousands of chickens, pigs, and cows is incomprehensible. Not only does feeding all the livestock require land (sometimes too much land that leads to deforestation), water, and oil but it leaves a major carbon footprint when all the animals are literal dead meat. The amount of methane released from cow's increase the carbon foot print. The amount of animal carcasses left behind after all of the usable meats are taken away for packaging are wasted. Manure is NOT always used for fertilizer. Actually, most of it is washed away into freshwater run off which contaminates and poisons groundwater. So much manure is produced that cesspools cant always handle the sheer amount of it and it also ends up into water. Going meatless, even just for one meal can massively lower your carbon footprint and will help slow global warming. 


Many people think that while on a vegetarian diet they wont get enough vitamins and nutrients. That is completely false, especially when you eat a healthy diet. For vegans a lack of vitamin B12 is an actual concern because they cant even have animal products like eggs or even milk. This lack of B12 leads to lack of red blood cell production and jaundice. A vegetarian diet doe not have to worry about the lack of any vitamins because most eggs and milk have plenty of it to go by but also some vegetables so an average vegetarian should not fret. There are other ways to obtain this vital vitamin which is to simply to take dietary supplements. Lastly, people think that the diet just consists of carrots and lettuce. It is so much more than your raw vegetables, there are infinite amounts of delicious meals one can have without ever going near meat. 

Our very own Ryan Crimmins, son of Tom Crimmins, is a vegetarian and has been for over a year. We here at Tom Crimmins Realty wish for everyone to be in the best health and to live a wonderful life. If you want to live your best life by moving into a new area or simply just wanting a bigger space Tom Crimmins Realty has got your back. You can call us at (718)-370-3200, visit at 304 Manor Road, or just simply visit our website Tomcrimminsrealty.com.

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