Beach Cleanups And Why They Are So Important

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty on Thursday, August 2nd, 2018 at 9:47am.

Why are Beach Cleanups Important? 

Have you ever wondered what happens to the trash that is left on the beach? Sometimes it stays there for a while, but most of the time it is harming animals living in the oceans and beaches. When the trash that we leave behind on the beach gets into our oceans, animals can easily mistake the vast amount of trash as their certain food source. An example of this action is with sea turtles because when a sea turtle sees a plastic bag floating around in the ocean, they might mistake it for a jellyfish and then swallowing it as a whole. This can be extremely harmful to the sea turtles because eating that plastic bag is bad for their health. The plastic bag can prevent the sea turtles from eating anymore, thus, cause it to slowly starve themselves to death. Furthermore, many more sea creatures have been reported having straws stuck in their noses, or head stuck in plastic bottle rings and the list continues on. If we do not clean up our beaches, we can slowly extinct our sea creatures and animals. 

What Should We Do?

1. Sign up for Volunteer Opportunities

There are so many volunteer opportunities in our communities. We just have to join them! Some of these volunteering programs offer beach cleanups! If you want to help our beaches become cleaner, join programs like the National Park service, Clean Ocean Action, Waterfront Alliance, etc. There are other opportunities to help your local beach, but those programs can be a good starting point. Help our beaches by volunteering!

2. Don't Litter

In our lifetime, there are times where we love going to the beach with our friends and families! We want to relax on the beach under the sun rays or enjoy swimming in the ocean. But when you go to the beach, remember to not litter. If you don't litter in our gorgeous beaches, then we are one step closer to cleaning all the trash on the beaches currently. We won't have to clean up any more garbage if everyone stops littering and if the issue of littering stops, then the sea creatures would be safe! So when you stop by the beach, remember to not litter. 

3. Spread Awareness

If you can tell your friends, buddies, or family members about the issue of excess trash on the beach, then we can stop everyone from littering! By spreading awareness, we can inform our communities of the consequences of littering on the beach. That way, they won't think twice about littering. The more people that contribute to cleaning up our beaches, the faster this dilemma can be solved. If you start spreading awareness, other people can too! So when you have a conversation next time with a friend, remind them of not littering the beach. 

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