Tips in Avoiding Improvement Pitfalls

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty on Thursday, February 25th, 2016 at 2:00pm.

When you're grocery shopping it's common sense to try and cut costs when you can - like purchasing the store brand products over high-name brands. Although in your Staten Island home, you can do a lot of DIY's and it will save your wallet some hurt; however, there are limits on where you should cut costs and when you should not be sparse when working with a contractor. Be aware of contractors that will try to take any money.

Virginia Sherry from the Staten Island Advance put together a list of tips to avoid home improvement pitfalls from contractors in your Staten Island home. Below are her tips:

  1. The home improvement contractors' company name, address, phone number, and license number.
  2. A list of the materials to be used in the project, including brand names and model number, if applicable.
  3. A schedule of completion, including stages of completion, with estimates dates for project start and completion of project.
  4. Payment schedule information, specifically stating how payment will be made and under what circumstances.
  5. All verbal agreements should be written into the contract.
  6. Statements about any guarantee or warranty for services or parts.
  7. A clause stating that the contractor will obtain all permits required by law, including those from the city Department of Buildings and - for sidewalk work - the Department of Transportation.
  8. Statements that contractor will be responsible for repairing mistakes and cleaning the area after the job is completed.
  9. Clauses stating that the contractor must provide proof of payment to subcontractors and supply houses, and giving the consumer permission to withhold final payment to the contractor until such proof is provided.
  10. Statement of the consumer's right to cancel the home-improvement contract within three business days of signing it, and a Notice of Cancellation, which the consumer should use in that situation.

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