Three weeks ago, we posted the first installment of our social media tips series, titled Social Media Twitter Queuing. To appeal to consumers, readers and other users - it is important to know what to post online. 

  • This may seems like a shocker but - people don't like to read online. When it comes to online reading, they just scroll and scan. Try to grab their attention with good tweets and posts that are up to date. Infographs are informative pictures, Buzzfeed articles seem to be all over social media dashboards and are relevant. 
  • Keep it clean, keep it professional. Especially if you are a college student and went to a big party last weekend - stop and second guess your posts that may seem inappropiate for a future employeer to see. Facebook offers the option to review all posts you are tagged in before they hit your page. Invest in that option if you are a recent graduate looking for a serious job.
  • It may seem like a 1st grade lesson, but remember your grammar. Know the difference between your and you're & there, they're and their. Different social media sites have a variety character limits, yes we are talking about Twitter; however, "less is more".
  • Avoid posting links by themselves and saying 'click and check out.' An instant thought is it to be spam. We know writing and wording captions is hard because some times - there is no other way of saying "hey look at this page for me, please and thank you." Instead pose a question so the reader has to 'click' to find the answer.
  • Personal posts can receive more honest reponses and be more appealing to readers. Search for conversations to put in your 2 cents. Be careful if you're replying to a political post though, prepare for any backlash for your comments. Also, be aware of others' feelings when posting. Social media can be a person's free expression but be known you may offend a few people.
  • For the agents who are reading, social media is a huge advantage for you! Start a Facebook page and post your open houses and listings. Ask questions to your 'likers,' you may help them out and they may seek you out for future potential business. 

Do you have some tips that have worked for you?

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