Wegener Park

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Ralph Wegener (left) is the oldest relative of the Wegener family. This is during the renaming of the park with City Councilman Vincent Ignizio (right)(credit: silive)

Wegener is also known as Genesee Park. It is taken from the Iroquois phrase: "Zon-esche-o" which translates to "beautiful valley." The park is located in a residential area right next to Korean War Veterans Parkway. The City did not have rights to the park until 1961; it was purchased among the land purchase for the Richmond Parkway, which is now known as the Korean War Veterans Parkway.

At the time of its purchase, residents would use Wegener as an unofficial playground. In 1998, Commissioner Stern named the land Genesee Park. Although the park was a playground at one point, it is now mostly wilderness. According to nycgovparks.org, the park consists of:

trees, ivy, and phragmites (phragmites australis). This common reed grows to a height of approximately 12” in reddish-silver tufted panicles. It has an invasive nature, often replacing other marsh plants. The reed’s spiked flowers bloom from August to September, usually in standing brackish or fresh water as one finds in a marsh. A variety of local flora and fauna flourish the largely undisturbed ecosystem of Genesee Park.

Genesee Park was renamed to Wegener Park in honor of the Wegener family who owned the land from 1915 to 1960. Back then, the land was used as a farm and flower stand.

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