The Conference House

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The Conference House, located on the southernmost tip of New York State, at 7455 Hylan Boulevard,10307, is a structure filled with a rich background, molding United States History.

Their Mission:

  • To preserve, protect and maintain the historic Conference House.
  • Educate visitors about its historical significance and the role it played in the birth of our nation.
  • Use the lessons learned from the failed peace conference to help resolve modern day conflicts within our youth and community.

A Brief History:

The conference house, formerly known as the Billopp House, was named in honor of the famous peace conference of 1776. On September 11, 1776 , continental congress representatives met with the King's representatives at Captain Christopher Billopp's home in Staten Island in hope of negotiating terms of independence during the Revolutionary War. Though no conclusion was made from this failed peace conference, and the Americans and British faced the fated war, the house in which it was held still remains a great part of the history of it all. 

When the house came under the ownership of New York State in 1926, they sought out to fix the degenerative state it was currently in. There was first the emergency repairs that had to be handled, such as the roof patching and temporary window installations, however there was still much more work to be done in the future. From the work in the basement kitchen, to the parlor, to the main staircase, this deteriorating structure was now starting to show some promise. After its completion in 1937, the house became the first house museum on Staten Island and still remains open to this day. Besides the actual house itself, there is also the playground, beach, biking and hiking trails, that top of the Conference House as a great sight on Staten Island. 


At the conference house you will get to learn about the historical significance of the house, as well as see what it was like living in those times, through the tour. This month, they had a couple of different events. On September 15th, they opened a  "Franklin" Exhibit in the Lenape Gallery which will last all through this month until October 16th. Going forward there are a myriad of other fun events they will be hosting to inform and entertain the public. For more information about what events and facilities the Conference House has to offer, visit their website, or stop by and give it a look.

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