Staten Island Farmers' Market

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What is the importance of farmers' markets?

Farmer markets allow people to buy fresh produce directly from farmers. These markets help farmers turn profit while producing what they love to make, be it vegetables, honey, flowers, and sometimes even smoked meats. When farmers have to sell their produce or items, they have to sell them to large corporations or stores, but this prevents them from selling directly to their customers, and they have to conform to what the food trend is. They not only profit more by selling directly to their customers, they can also produce what they like, and get to see how happy their products make their customers. Farmer markets have fresh artisan goods at a lower cost to you, and more easily accessible to the public and those who couldn't afford fresh organic produce otherwise. Farmer markets are weekly for convince of both the farmers and the customers, so that everyone can enjoy shopping the outdoors!

Farmer Markets in Staten Island

Staten Island has some fresh farmer markets available including:

1. Gerardi’s Farmers Market

Gerardi’s Farmers Market is locate on 561 Richmond Terrace and operates from Easter to November for 7 days a week with hours depending on the day of the week. They have reasonable and affordable prices for the best quality produce. The produce comes from their farm in Atlantic County, New Jersey and delivered daily from there. If you are a gardener, then you should go there because they have a garden center with a wide selection of gardening supplies, flowers, hanging baskets, vegetable plants, fruit trees, shrubs and more. Currently, they have honey available from the Wright family’s Fruitwood Orchards in New Jersey that has no artificial ingredients. This farmer's market is highly recommend for families, especially gardeners that seek for fresh produce and supplies for cheap prices.

2. Staten Island Mall Greenmarket

The Staten Island Mall Greenmarket is locate on Marsh Avenue and Ring Road (the Commuter Lot Behind Macy's). Currently, it is open only on Saturdays between May 19 - December 22. It is open during the hours of 8:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.  Although there are a limited number of hours and dates to visit this farmer's market, the produce comes from many different types of farms.

The farms with their specific produce or artisan good are (also included here) : 

  • Apple State Hill Top Family Farm with Honey from Sullivan County, NY
  • Central Bakery, Artisan Oven with Breads and baked goods from Bergen County, NJ
  • Consider Bardwell Farm with Animal Welfare Approved raw cow and goat milk cheeses, and wood-fired maple syrup from Rutland County, VT
  • Francesca's Bakery with Breads and baked goods from Middlesex County, NJ
  • G & R Family Farm with Vegetables and herbs from Orange County, NY
  • Ole' Mother Hubbert, Back to the Future Farm with Milk, poultry and eggs from Orange County, NY
  • The Orchards of Concklin with Tree fruit, plants and baked goods from Rockland County, NY
  • R & G Produce with Vegetables from Orange County, NY 
  • Sun Fed Beef with Grass fed and grain finished Angus beef and pastured pork from Madison County, NY 

All of these products are fresh from these farms listed above. This market are behind the our famous mall, so you can go shopping for clothes or other items afterwards! Also, it is great for spending quality shopping time with your friends and families!

3. Saint George Greenmarket

Saint George Greenmarket is locate on St. Mark's Place and Hyatt St on Staten Island. This market opens year-round, only on Saturdays, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. This market is on a hill where you can see the New York Harbor and the skylines of downtown Manhattan. Besides the view, the market offers organic produce from different farms as well.

The farms in this market include (also included here):

Attending Year Round

  • American Pride Seafood Wild caught seafood from Suffolk County, NY
  • Central Bakery, Artisan Oven Breads and baked goods from Bergen County, NJ
  • Francesca's Bakery Breads and baked goods from Middlesex County, NJ
  • Jersey Farm Produce Vegetables, herbs, and fruits from Hunterdon County, New Jersey, a New Farmer Development Project participant 
  • Rabbit Run Farm Certified Organic vegetables, goat cheese, meats, and beeswax products from Bucks County, PA
  • Stony Mountain Ranch Grass-fed Piedmontese beef, pork, chicken, eggs, and mushrooms from Schuylkill County, PA

Attending Growing Season Only

  • DiPaola Turkeys Turkey from Mercer County, NJ (every other week)
  • The Orchards of Concklin Orchard fruit, plants and baked goods from Rockland County, NY
  • R & G Produce LLC Vegetables from Orange County, NY
  • Staten Island Family Farm Vegetables, Mexican specialty produce from Richmond County, NY. A New Farmer Development Project participant. (Will return June 2nd)

This market is year-round, and it's perfect for spending quality time on a hill while shopping with friends and family. You can enjoy the view of New York City after shopping for fresh groceries!

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