Spring Cleaning: Follow Our Handy Guide to Organizing

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As much as we wish for Spring to be around the corner, we're still surrounded by snow. Even with all this snow, you can get a jump start on "spring cleaning." We might be snowed in soon enough so why not sweep those cobwebs, start reorganization paper and throw away useless junk. 

Gutting Out Your Garage & De-Clutter Your Basement

You'll likely need to set aside a full weekend to organize your garage. Go through tools, unpacked boxes from when you moved and anything else that gets in your way. Separate the items that you want to sell or donate, items that you want keep and stuff that you want to throw away into a separate pile.

Use as much wall space as possible to store tools and boxes by installing shelves inside your garage. Organize the items you want to sell into separate piles on a tarp in your garage for temporary storage.

When you venture up to your attic, organize your items into the same three items If you have a significant amount of clothing in your basement, you might want to consider purchasing mobile hanger units and place them against the wall.

Turn Your Attic Into An Inviting Room

Your attic doesn't have to be a storage space if you can clean it up and organize it correctly. Place everything you want into marked boxes and dust the attic before you place them in their respective areas.

Here are some tips to help you convert your attic into a spare room.

Change Out Your Wardrobe

Every season you should go through your closet, whether you change out summer clothes to winter or vice versa. If you are in need of every space think of this rule: if you haven't worn something in your closet in the past 6 months - it's time to part with it.

Selling and throwing away personal belongings can be a huge hassle, especially if you have an emotional attachment to them. Generally speaking, items that are broken, expired or out of date can be thrown away while items that you no longer use but don't hold much sentimental value can be sold or donated.

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