Acknowledge Home Selling Mistakes Before It's Too Late

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty, Ltd. on Friday, October 23rd, 2015 at 2:38pm.

Mistakes are made in most home selling. Hopefully we can help by listing the top 5 common mistakes so you can avoid them.

Neglecting Repairs

By refusing the inevitable, you're only hurting the selling process because potential buyers will turn away. If you think you can still slide by with the damage your home has - your buyers will have an inspection, and all the issues will be identified and needed repairs will be suggested. You will have to fix any damage, credit money to the buyer, or drop your price.

Don't Let Ego & Emotions Take Front Seat

It's always hard to part with an anchor where memories were created. The best way to approach the sale of your home is to be completely emotionally detached and to handle the sale like any other business transaction. Don't let your ego take over your judgement when offers come in. It's good to have a head on your shoulders, but if you have a deal that's been the best so far after months, why hold out for something that might not come your way?

Mispricing Your Home

See above regarding ego... There are two spectra here: over pricing which leaves your listing on MLS for weeks that will turn into months. Then on the other hand, you priced your home too low and you will forever wonder if you could have gotten more.

Lousy Photos

Accordingly to Trulia, 90% of all home shopping starts online. Pictures truly speak louder than words in real estate; and when a picture looks disastrous, it's screaming to your buyers to run away!

Refusal to Remove clutter

By maintaining your home, it will increase its perceived value. By cleaning out the home, it will benefit after the closing for easier moving as well.

What are some common home selling mistakes you've come across?

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