There are many common mistakes renters make while apartment hunting. We broke down a checklist for potential rents into two parts.

  1. Potential renter should check past recent utility bills. Inquire about how will home is insulated. Remember heat rises. Are you on the first floor and helping heat the second floor? Are windows new or are you losing heat?
  2. Did you buy a cup of coffee and stake out the block and area? Did you do this on different days and different times? Is parking an issue? Try to get away with leaving a small depost to stall for some time and stand watch.
  3. DId you meet yout neighbors? Don't be afraid to ring a few doorbells. Introduce yourself. Ask questions. Make a list of questions that are important to you.
  4. Do you have easy access or transportation to your job or workplace? Work from home? Is quiet dooring the day?
  5. Do you meet the landlord or did you meet a property agent or part time employee? Insist on meeting the landlord make sure you have the landlord phone umber = an accessible plone number if he gives you his cell ask to check it then and there. good landlord want to know what is going on and don't mind hearing from you.
  6. Did you thoroughly inspect the apartment? Do the windows open easily? Make sure you check for improvements made necessity. Ask questions.
  7. What is included in the rent? Do you pay utilities? Clear up all gray areas from the start.
  8. What if you need a respair? Is there a handyman, plumber and electrician or call? Do you have their contact members. Who shovels the snow and cuts the grass? Have the answers before you rent. (association fees)
  9. Does the landlord have a monthly pest exterminating contract? When was the last time it was treated? Does the landlord have written proof? Don't be afraid to have the apartment checked out by a licensed exterminator. You'll be glad you did.
  10. Will the landlord give you a lease? Is it sub leasable? If there is no lease and you are going month to month, make sure to have a simple written arrangement showing the amount of security paid plus agreed upon notice of vacate. Usually 30 to 45 days is the norm.
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