National Lighthouse Museum

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We at Tom Crimmins realty, know the importance of fun and interesting recreational activities. If you're in the St. George area looking for something to do, check out the National Lighthouse Museum. Newly opened in September 2014, it is currently located on the grounds of the former U.S. Lighthouse Service “Super” Depot on the North Shore, at 200 The Promenade at Lighthouse Point, 10301. 

Their Mission:

  1. To establish and maintain a history museum open to the public relating to lighthouses and located on Staten Island, County of Richmond, New York.
  2. To collect, preserve, and interpret objects related to the history and technology of lighthouses located, in the past or present, at sites throughout the United States.
  3. To research, document and disseminate information on the history and technology of American lighthouses.
  4. To create and maintain an archive of artifacts and materials related to American lighthouses.
  5. To foster research of American lighthouse history.
  6. To serve as a contact point for public inquiry and assistance with respect to American lighthouse history, research, education, collections, and programs
  7. To celebrate American lighthouse heritage through education programs, publications, films, festivals, living history, lighthouse trails, conferences, and other such offerings.
  8. To support other existing and future lighthouse museums, organizations, and sites.
  9. To establish partnerships with other organizations to attain the above goals.

A Brief History:

The lighthouse museum was first established as a way to preserve and educate people on the navigational history of lighthouses. Considering all the new technology that has emerged, such as GPSs, solar panels, etc., lighthouses have no use. With these lighthouses becoming obsolete, the concerned Lighthouse Preservation Society (LPS) came about, saving lighthouse destruction around the country. These efforts then inspired the creation of an American Lighthouse Coordinating Committee, whose purpose was to find a site for a prestigious national museum that would be entrusted to preserve such history for generations to come. In 1998, the ALCC issued a nation-wide Request for Proposals (RFP) for a National Lighthouse Center and Museum. Seventeen proposals were submitted from groups around the country. After a series of presentations and deliberations, the former site of the U.S. Lighthouse Service (USLHS) General Depot at St. George, Staten Island, was selected as the winner. This location, adjacent to the St. George ferry terminal, was chosen not only for its historic significance, but also for its ideal location in one of the busiest harbors in the country.After a number of years of inactivity, a new Board of Trustees and a group of Museum Advisors and Friends have revived the Museum.  A lease agreement has been signed for the Museum’s Educational Resource Center in Building 11 and limited exhibit fabrication and interior construction is underway.  Fundraising efforts continue to be critical to the success of our new museum.  With the help of generous donations and a cadre of loyal volunteers, the NLM team is moving forward to build and operate the museum in a way that will make all of New York proud.

Upcoming Events:

Throughout March, the lighthouse museum will be exhibiting the work of John Ares. This Virtual exhibit is free with paid admission and will be showing the years worth of nautical photography produced by Ares. Additionally, starting May 21, 2017, until the fall, the museum will be giving boat tours that leaving from pier 1, adjacent to the Museum site. These boat tours vary in location and activities included, to guarantee a fun time for everyone.  To learn more about events and facilities the National Lighthouse Museum offers, visit their website, or stop by and give it a look. 



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