Why Converting Your Home to Hardwood Flooring Will Boost Its Value

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty, Ltd. on Thursday, October 29th, 2015 at 1:58pm.

When a homeowner makes the decision to upgrade flooring in an area or throughout the home, there are numerous materials that may be considered. While each material option has its unique benefits and advantages, many are drawn to hardwood flooring as an option. 

A Durable, Long-Lasting Material

Many flooring options need to be replaced or upgraded over the years. However hardwood flooring offer a timeless appeal and durability. In fact, with periodic maintenance and regular care of hardwood floors, some hardwood floors may provide the homeowner with 50 years or more of use.

Numerous Stylish Options

Hardwood floors have a universal appeal, and this increases the desirability of the home to future home buyers. This is especially true when a more classic tone of wood is selected rather than a modern or trendy tone.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Hardwood is easy to clean, and this means that dust, dander and other allergens can easily be removed from the floor. This will have a direct and beneficial impact on indoor air quality that current owners as well as future home buyers can enjoy.

While hardwood flooring can be desirable and beneficial for current property owners, the appeal of the material will extend to future home buyers. It is a true investment that will add true value to the home and that may help the owner to sell the property more quickly when the time comes. 

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