Important Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Open House

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty, Ltd. on Monday, December 2nd, 2013 at 5:54pm.

Selling a home in this economy can be very stressful. This list is a must do to assist in the sale transaction.

The most important thing to remember is "don't spend money." If you need to spend some don't spend a lot and make sure to spend it wisely!

  1. Clean clutter! - Clutter hurts the sale of the home. It make the rooms appear smaller. It is a complete turnoff! Some times people perceive clutter as uncleanliness. Another idea is too have a yard or garage sale. 
  2. If you decide to have a garage sale combine it with an open house. Yes chances are you will have same nosy bargain hunters but you never know. Bargain hunters may have relative or friends that are looking just be certain to have enough help around for obvious security reasons. Don't leave valuable in the open and make sure to escort the people through your home.
  3. Make the home smell good. Use carpet deoderizers and air fresheners throughout the house. Also open windows for ventilation and fresh air. Clean windows and screens. Open blinds to let the sunlight in and help create an open and airy space. Brighten the home; turn on all the lights. A well lit home makes rooms look bigger.
  4. Cut the grass. Rake the leaves. Weed the garden. Keep the property litter free. Make sure no garbage is visable! Even sweep the front of adjoining property. Plant colorful but inexpensive flowers. A well kept exterior offers more curb appeal. Remember first impressions. Some people know they like a home right when they pull up.
  5. Don't be afraid to play soft music to create a relaxed atmosphere. The soothing affect will help make the buyers feel comfortable. Set up a laptop and display a slideshow of other season. In the dead of winter it would be great if you could show off how beautiful your yard and gardens look. Go crazy with as many nice photos as you can find. No real expense here!
  6. Limit family photos. Buyer try to visualize your home being their home. Help them do this. Don't go overboard just limit the photos.
  7. Keep the rooms at comfortable temperatures. Sit the thermostat in advance so the house has the perfect feel. Cool the home properly in advance in the summer and heat the home property in the winter.
  8. Make your home look presentable as possible. power wash desk, siding and walkways. Hardwood floors are in take up that old carpet. Finish your floors and show them off. This one will work wonders. Consider painting. It's an inexpensive way to improve your home and help the sale. Paint the rooms with neutral soft colors to make the room look bigger. Neutral colors off a serial taste rather than a personal taste. Do simple maintenance something as simple as re grouting and caulking bathroom ceramic tiles goes a long way.
  9. Buy a new welcome mat. It's a cheap upgrade and it helps with good first impressions.
  10. Don't give out or offer any unnecessary information and of course be polite. Let your agent do the talking.

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