Governors Ball Music Festival

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Looking for a fun way to spend a summer weekend? Every year, on the first weekend in June, the Governors Ball Music Festival, known also by GovBall, takes place on Randall's island. This festival features dozens of your favourite artists, showcases hundreds of food places, and is an absolute delight to attend. Originally starting in 2011, it was an instant success and has grown exponentially ever since. 

What happens during the festival?


The primary festival of any music festival is of course, music. That's why Gov Ball invites dozens of artists (over 60 in 2018) from a variety of genres to perform on its multiple stages. In 2018, some of the most popular artists performed, including names like Eminem, Travis Scott, Jack White, Halsey, Khalid, and many more. 


After music, the second most important feature of any festival is the food. Gov Ball invites hundreds of restaurants, food trucks, cafes, and other food suppliers from around the city to serve food of all cuisines. Featuring many of NYC's more unique restaurants, Gov Ball gives you a chance to taste everything NYC has to offer and maybe discover some new flavors or types of food you have not yet experienced. Most every food supplier offers vegetarian or vegan options, so don't be afraid that you'll be left out in the dust.

For those looking to drink (and at a festival, who isn't?), Gov Ball hosts a beer garden featuring the entire Miller family of beers, including Blue Moon Belgian White, Leinenkugel Summer Shandy, Sol Cerveza, Arnold Palmer Spiked, Crispin Rosé Cider and more. For those looking for something more interesting, they also offer different craft cocktails situated around the park and a selection of craft beers from NY breweries. 


Other than listening to music and eating, Gov Ball offers tons of activities and interactive installations to have fun. More traditional activities are available, such as a closed-off area featuring cocktails, shade, pool and ping-pong tables or a mini golf course. A large selection of enormous lawn games are also available, such as giant chess or Jenga. For those looking to take some pics, The Court offers a great picture spot. Many companies are providing a tent as well, featuring free wi-fi, food, drinks, and other fun activities you can do as a group. The Citi Viewing Deck, open to Citi cardholders, lets you get a prime view of the stage. 

For those who aren't old enough to drink, or simply don't want to drink, there is also a sober group on-site where you can hand with like-minded people.

Art Installations

Gov Ball invites a variety of artists, each producing art in their own style. Many names are featured, and installations include simple drawings up to large 3D art pieces. Large scale art installations also exist, with many street artists taking part in the festival.

How do you participate?

Buying tickets is easy and can be done online. There are four tiers, being general admission, VIP, VIP plus, and Platinum. 

General Admission simply allows you access to the festival, while VIP admission offers you VIP viewing areas and fast lanes for entry. VIP Plus ups that experience with a exclusive, elevated viewing platform and more comforts as such. Platinum is the ultimate experience, with on-stage viewing and many other pleasantries. 

Getting there is similarly easy. There are a large amount of options, ranging from taking public transport, walking, or taking the shuttle or ferry offered by Gov Ball.

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