DIY: How to Keep Heat Inside & Ideas to Insulate Your Windows

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According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 10% of air leaks out of the average house through the windows. Also, Energy Star estimated homeowners could save an annual 7-15% on their energy bills by replacing their own windows with more efficient models.

If you live in an old home, it might not be possible to replace all of the windows in your home. But there are still come inexpensive ways to insulate your windows.

Apply Rubber Weather Sealing

You'll be able to find some inexpensive strips of rubber weather sealing that is self adhesive at your local hardware store. You can cut a long strip down to fit your window and then peel it off and stick it to the frame in order to close gaps and keep out drafts. This is a cheap solution, but it can be very effective and it will not affect the appearance of the windows. Be very careful when you peel off the rubber strips later, as they can leave a stick residue.

Keep Some Draft Snakes Around As Pets

First off, what is a draft snake? It is a soft plush fabric tube that you can use on a window sill or also underneath your doors to prevent cold air from creeping into your home. They are sold online or you can have a DIY moment and make your own by filling a tube of fabric with rice or beans. They are cheap and simple, but of course they will only insulate the window sill and not the rest of the glass.

Add Insulating Window Film

Another option for insulating your windows in the winter is to use insulating window film. This is a transparent product that sticks directly to your window and gives them an extra layer of protection. This means that your windows will not be perfectly transparent, as the film will affect the view somewhat, so you might only want to use them in some parts of the house.

These are just a few simple ways that you can insulate your windows and save money on your energy bill this winter at your [City] home. For more helpful tips, contact me at [email] or phone me at [phone]. 

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