Staten Island In The News

West Brighton, Staten Island, Offers the Best of Both Worlds

May 13, 2016, Kathleen Lucadamo

In Staten Island’s West Brighton area, houses sit on leafy streets but urban comforts are within easy walking distance. The neighborhood is quickly becoming a destination for home buyers who can’t afford Brooklyn. [Read More...]

New Details for Staten Island's Massive North Shore Rental

January 28, 2016, Tanay Warerkar 

The massive development bringing 900 rentals to the North Shore section of Staten Island has launched a teaser website, with leasing on some of the units expected to begin by the spring. [Read More...]

Staten Island Zoo Capitalizes on the Small and Obscure

August 1, 2014, Lisa W. Foderaro 

In a city where lions, tigers and — yes — bears are only a subway ride away, the Staten Island Zoo is betting on the binturong. Founded in 1933, the zoo is the only one of New York City’s six animal parks not under the auspices of the internationally regarded Wildlife Conservation Society. [Read More...]

Staten Island's Westerleigh - Featured Neighborhood in New York Times Real Estate

April 8, 2014, Vera Haller

According to a recent check of the Staten Island Board of Realtors website, about 60 properties were listed for sale in Westerleigh. Tom Crimmins, a broker and owner of Tom Crimmins Realty, said most homes become available when older couples downsize or families move away because they need more space. [Read More...

St. George Staten Island Neighborhood Winner in NYC 'Neighborhood of Year' Contest

Jan. 2, 2014, Virginia N. Sherry

"Big congratulations to the underdog with lots of heart -- at least as displayed by many spirited commenters, anyway -- you are 2013's neighborhood of the year. May your giant observation wheel and mega outlet mall breaking ground this year be the catalyst and everything else you hope it will be," the Curbed website stated Thurday in an announcement of the winner. [Read More...]

Wall Street Journal Ranking Staten Island Zoo Among the Best in New York City

Sept. 20, 2013, Anne Kadet

So what's the best small zoo? Sorry, ferry-phobes, it's on Staten Island. Yes, the Staten Island Zoo ($8) caters mainly to locals—85% of visitors hail from the borough. But perhaps because it's so isolated, it feels remarkably complete, a veritable Noah's Ark. [Read More...]