Lemon Creek Park

Lemon Creek ParkLemon Creek Park is one of the most beautiful spots in the south shore area of Staten Island. Since 1830, the park's name has changed several times. "Lemon Creek" began appearing as the name of the park on maps a while ago, but no one knows where the park got its name from. Lemon Creek is the site of the historic Seguine Mansion, a playground, canoe/kayak launch sites, dog-friendly areas, and a beautiful marina. It is a great area to visit if you are looking for a peaceful escape from the hectic city life of New York. It's also home to a great fishing spot, commonly referred to as Lemon Creek Pier. Lemon Creek also known as "Prince's Bay", gets its water and fish mainly from a watershed two and a half miles away from the creek, known as Porzio's Pond. The property was around Hylan Boulevard and Sharrott, and Seguine Avenues was added onto the property later on in 1962. Nearly 5 acres were added between 1983-1984. So its a very vast and open park that's been around for quite sometime. 


The Pier

Not only is there a beautiful park and a bunch of history there is also a fishing spot. Known as Lemon Creek Pier. The pier is something special because you never know what'll you catch and sometimes it something so beautiful and that you didn't even expect you'll want to come and fish there all the time. You can catch things like flounder, striped bass, bluefish, weakfish, and much more. Personally when I went fishing there I caught many things over the course of a few weeks, a couple clams,some small bass, and once I was lucky enough to catch a pretty hefty snapper. Even if you don't feel like fishing you may want to just go for a stroll along the pier, its a great way to relax and feel so serene because it's usually quiet and not too crowded depending when you go .                                                                                                                

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There's plenty to do at Lemon Creek, some of those activities are:

  • picnics
  • fishing
  • sightseeing
  • Seguine Mansion
  • run( jogging/exercise)
  • a large open space to lie down, stretch, or play games 

seguine house


Going to Lemon Creek Park is worth it. Its honestly a great experience and you have a good time especially when you're with family and friends. Its a great place to just go relax and get your mind off things. I personally would recommend checking out the pier were there are fishermen because sometimes the fish they catch is something to see. There's something for everyone, for kids they can play on the field and grass with whatever sports equipment they want or even play tag. For teens and adults with a fishing license they can go fishing and anyone can watch! For my seniors its a beautiful stroll or place to just sit and be serene,