Conference House Park

conference house parkThe Conference House Park is located in the South Shore area of Staten Island; at the very bottom tip of Tottenville. On the site of the park are four historic buildings; the Conference House, the Biddle House, the Ward House, and the Rutan-Beckett House. The Conference House, after which the park is named, was built in the late 1600s. In September of 1776, the Brittish and the Americans met in this house in order to negotiate an end to the fighting between the two groups. Unfortunately, this meeting was unsuccessful and the war raged on for 7 more years. What draws people to the park is not only its history, but also its beauty. The Conference House Park looks out onto the beautiful deep-blue water that separates Staten Island from New Jersey. A playground, as well as hiking and biking trails can also be found in the park. This is certainly a beautiful place to visit!