Tom Crimmins Realty Continues to Grow!

Business is great; sales are growing, and desks are filling at Tom Crimmins Realty as eight new agents join Tom’s all-star staff. “There is an upswing of momentum at our office. Everyone is busy with buyers and sellers. The team atmosphere and camaraderie is unbelievable. We have become a family.”

Tom is excited to announce great additions to his already phenomenal sales team. Joining the team are John Ahlborn, Pat Cyrgalis, Lisa Greves, Linda Kramer, Madeline Laurino, Lisa Mingino, Laura Yuen, and Zhao Kuang.

John Ahlborn

John is everyone’s friend. People not only trust him - they love him. His sincere and honest personality coupled with his vast knowledge of real estate make him a popular realtor of choice especially in the FDNY, another career he has worked for many years. Simply put, he is one of the best! Call John at 917-647-6687

Pat Cyrgalis

Pat, a jack of all trades, has a true niche for the real estate business. One of the firm’s luxury home experts, he also does a great job in the blue collar communities. This hard-working and honest professional does it all for his customers! Call him at 917-509-4718.

Lisa Greves and Lisa Mingino

Lisa Greves and Lisa Mingino are both a great team and great friends. They both complement each other in a very positive way. The service they provide to their customers is second to none. Hire one and you get the other also. How can you go wrong? Both professionals are two of the most charming and sincere people you will ever meet. Their vast real estate knowledge is only a plus. Call them - Lisa Greves at 347-728-5941 and Lisa Mingino at 718-702-2922. Your service will be twice as nice!

Madeline Laurino and Laura Yuen

Madeline and Laura are another all-star team and great addition to the staff. “My firm’s stock soared sky-high when this classy duo arrived,” states Tom.  Great agents and friends! This very seasoned team wins over their customer with the utmost sincerity, dedication, and honesty. Their straightforward and aggressive style allows them to stay on top of every deal. “I’m thrilled to be part of all the wonderful excitement and momentum at our new firm. I can’t believe how busy the office is. And Tom is a good friend with a great reputation. Laura and I have found a real home.” Contact Laura at 347-407-1778 and Madeline at 917-699-9010.

Linda Kramer

Linda Kramer is a workaholic. She refuses to slow down. Her work ethic is simply amazing. Linda’s knowledge of Staten Island real estate is unbelievable. She goes out of her way to make certain that each and every customer has a pleasant and stress-free experience throughout the sales process. “I know of Tom’s reputation, and when it came time to make a move, it was a no brainer. It’s all he promised and more!” Linda knows the business inside-out, which allows her to be a very well-rounded agent. She is a very dedicated individual. “I am ecstatic that she is here, she is as seasoned as they come,” states Tom.  Linda can be reached at 718-213-1237.

Zhao Kuang

Zhao, also known as Dan, is a well-known and respected realtor in the Asian community. He is an expert in both Staten Island and Brooklyn. Dan understands his client’s needs and works very hard at turning them into positive results. The mild-mannered and conscientious agent will go above and beyond for his customers. Call him at 347-857-0240.

Tom Crimmins Realty is without a doubt the rising star of the Staten Island and Brooklyn real estate industry. “I’m very proud of each and every agent. I consider them family. They exemplify the word teamwork. The seasoned agents are not only leading by example but are also assisting me in my hands-on training program. We are all working together to achieve the highest level of harmony in the office, and in turn, our buyers and sellers are benefitting.”

In any volatile real estate market, where it is commonplace for sales to be down, our sales are up. Aside from our great agents, we utilize state-of-the-art internet advertisement, cutting edge websites, social marketing, and very strategic tools to better assist our buyers and sellers. Our listings get top notch exposure, and this exposure turns into agent leads and, more often than not, sales! Our agents are happy and our clients are thrilled. More and more sellers are becoming believers and listing their homes with us. Looking to buy or sell a home? We work hard at being the best! Call us and allow us to explain the “Tom Crimmins Realty Marketing Plan.”

Are you a current real estate agent or thinking about a career in real estate? Do you want to work in an agent-friendly workplace with great splits, a team atmosphere, and no false promises? Call Tom for a confidential interview.