The Willowbrook Carousel

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Tucked away in the heart of our borough, lie 164 acres of grassy, scenic land, known as Willowbrook Park. This park is one of Richmond County’s many Greenbelt Conservation lands, containing protected space for wildlife, along with various recreational areas and activities. It is located in New Springville, only minutes away from the Staten Island Mall. Yet, this park still manages to feel miles away from the hustle and bustle of Richmond Avenue, giving Staten Islanders and visitors a chance to escape into nature.

More on New Springville

Almost 4 centuries later, New Springville has remained a highly sought after neighborhood. In addition to Willowbrook Park, other small greenlands, give the area a quaint, calm feel. It offers a wide array of retail, restaurants, supermarkets, and entertainment. Most homes in this areas are single-family semi-attached, or condos, though there are a few spacious homes, overall enhancing the neighborly environment. It is a very family-friendly neighborhood, with its high safety rating, and various recreation activities for children.  Residents here have their choice in quality schools, ranging from elementary, all the way to high schools, all within minutes of each other. The area is very accessible by bus, car or via walking. If this all sounds enticing, you can contact Tom Crimmins Realty at (718)-370-3200 or visit our website at to speak with an agent about buying or renting in the New Springville area.        New Springville is a diverse mid-island neighborhood, with a long history. It began back in 1676, when the area was dubbed “Karle’s Neck,” and consisted entirely of meadows. It sat at the mouth of the Fresh Kills River, which led to the 19th-century development of a hamlet and dock. Being known for its various waterways, It was during this time is adapted the name Springville. This quaint little town became known for its agriculture, cultivating wheat, flax, corn, and other vegetable crops, even boasting their own mill wheel. As of more recent, in the 20th century, Springville’s claim to fame was Miller Army Airfield, the first commercial airport in New York City in 1926, and first drive-in theater 22 years later, boasting a capacity of up to 600 cars.

One of the park’s most popular amenities is the Willowbrook Carousel for all Children. Featuring 51 hand-painted animals, it remains a timeless classic for children and the young-of-heart. It showcases a variety of wildlife, including ferocious tigers, majestic unicorns, and friendly panda bears. This attraction was designed in a Victorian fashion, with beautiful images, ornate detailing, and bright attractive colors. The wooden structure displays forty hand-painted renderings of Staten Island landmarks including the Conference House, High Rock Park, the Tibetan Museum, the Vanderbilt Mausoleum, and Horrmann Castle. Willowbrook Carousel originated from Mansfield, Ohio, where it was crafted from 1997-1999. The company who created it, Carousel Works, says this is the biggest and most ornate they have ever made.More on the Carousel

Carousel Hours/Info

     The Carousel for all gets its name for its complete accessibility for riders with any physical handicaps, truly making it fun for all children. It is open from 11:00 am until 5:45 pm, from May through October, with month specific schedules ( May, September, October: Friday-Sunday, June: Wednesday-Sunday, July, August: Seven days.)  The best part: rides only cost $2.00 per person, and it is also available to rent, making it the perfect place for birthday parties and gatherings.






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