Will A Home Theatre Add Value to Your Staten Island Home?

Posted by Thomas Crimmins on Thursday, July 25th, 2013 at 2:58pm.

Many Staten Island home owners dream of having a home theatre – an entire room of the home dedicated to enjoying television and film. These rooms are usually equipped with a large flat screen television or projector, comfortable seats, mood lighting and perhaps even a bar or a snack fridge. They are very comfortable and the perfect place to relax after a hard day. They are also lots of fun for entertaining, as you will be able to watch the big game or the hottest new release with your friends in style.

However, will spending the money on renovating your home to create a theatre room be a smart investment? Does this type of home improvement add a lot of value to the property, or will it turn off potential buyers?

Buyers Interested in Tech-Equipped Homes

These days, luxury home buyers are becoming much more tech-savvy and they are demanding more networked or ‘smart’ homes than ever before. They are looking for a house which is outfitted with the latest in technology, so a modern home theatre will be a desirable selling point. If you are targeting your home to this luxury market, the home theatre could give you an edge over the competition.

It is difficult to determine the amount that the home value is affected when you add a high tech home theatre, but most realtors will agree that when there are many houses for sale at any given time, the one with the impressive home theatre room will be more likely to sell first.

Don’t Take Over Valuable Home Space

The only situation in which the home theatre could detract from the value of the home is if it overpowers a medium sized or smaller home that just barely had enough space in the first place. If your home cannot spare the extra room, taking up a lot of space with a home theatre will mean fewer bedrooms or living spaces and a decrease in value.

However, you might be able to get around this problem with clever solutions that allow you to conceal the home theatre unless it is being used. You could hide the large screen behind specially designed cabinets and set up the furniture so that the room can be a living space when not in use as a theatre. Another common solution is to have the screen roll up to the ceiling when it’s not in use. A number of projectors come equipped with motors that roll it up and bring it back down.

Remember that a home theatre system is something that will only increase the value of your home for some buyers, as opposed to something like a bathroom renovation or a garage which will be valuable to almost every buyer.

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Tom Crimmins is the broker/owner of Tom Crimmins Realty. This St. John’s University graduate and native Staten Islander’s past careers include Assistant Dean of Students at SJU, NYPD Sergeant, Director of the Carnesseca-Sarachek Basketball Camp, and investor, speculator, and buy-fix-flip real estate expert. His real estate experience, which spans 30 years, is second-to-none.

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