Why Taking Photos Now Can Help You Sell Your Home in the Fall or Winter

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty, Ltd. on Monday, September 12th, 2016 at 1:15pm.

Are you considering selling your home in fall or winter? Here are some tips to ensure your chances:

1. Advertise Snow and Leaf-Free Photos

If you are looking to sell you home in the fall or winter, the ideal time to take photos is now, while the summer weather is still here. During the winter there can be snow, ice, leaves and many other things that cover the beautiful features of the home such as the garden/landscaping. So, by taking them when these factors are non-existent, you are showing what the home really has to offer.

2. Amplify Curb Appeal

Next thing you always want is "curb appeal"—the attractiveness of the exterior of a home that is apparent as viewed from the street. Since potential home buyers will obviously be seeing the exterior of the house first, you want it to make the best impression possible.However, the snow and leaves from the winter and fall weather become an eye sore, making the upkeep of this great appeal tough. Some ways to cater to this appeal if your pictures aren't taken in summer or spring would be to: take the photo when the snow has just melted if it is during winter time. If it is fall time, make sure the lawn is free of autumn leaves and dead branches. Although the landscaping might not be as glorious as it would be in summer or spring, at least you can make sure the home look the best possible with the circumstances. 

3. Have Good Interior Lighting

Another thing you always want is for the interior of the home to have the best and brightest lighting. However with the scarce winter sunlight, that poses a challenge. The easy way to combat this problem would be to take the picture now while there is optimal sunlight. With this method you wouldn't have to worry about additional feature such as having to turn on all the lights in the home or changing the light bulbs, that you would have to in the winter.

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