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Tottenville is the southernmost neighborhood of Staten Island, New York City and New York State, with an area of approximately 1.7 square miles.


Tottenville, a region on Staten Island's southwestern waterfront, can be rich in contrasts. Old Civil-War era houses sit near modern new mansions. Cars can fill up every parking spot on the street, but in another part, a pedestrian may be alone on a street with only birds for company. In another are old tugboats are aground in an old dirt lot while shoppers shop for Italian delicacies in a marketplace. There is modern, there is old, there is large, there is small, But this is definitely a very peaceful and quiet community.

Tottenville is bordered mostly by water, the Arthur Kill, and Raritan Bay, and also by Page Avenue and Richmond Valley Road. The neighborhood is considered to be divided into "old and new" sections, referring to the environment and the people in those areas. The older part has some homes from the mid-1800s, though sometimes they have been modified to a point where just a few architectural sights remain. And the majority of their residents were often born and raised in the area. The newer section, especially south of Hylan Boulevard, has far more recent construction. In this southern area, you'll find beachfront mansions, large backyards, quiet and spacious areas, and various exotic features. Homes in the area on average are around 750,000 dollars. But the high end of Tottenville includes giant homes with huge yards, an indoor pool, and Arthur Kill views. 


Shopping options are pretty abundant for such a quiet and residential neighborhood. Tottenville is dotted with strip malls containing drugstores, dry cleaners, and groceries. And other shopping hubs nearby offer national brands like Target, Home Depot, Petco and Bed Bath & Beyond. Good restaurants are also found in this area, like Cabo, a Mexican restaurant located on Page Avenue and Chef Rodizio's, a type of Brazilian Steakhouse. Amboy Road has more casual hang-out places for kids and families like pizzerias, diners, and fast food places. There is a huge warehouse on Richmond Valley Road that was converted to feature the Fastbreak Basketball Center; Intoxx Fitness, with kickboxing and Pilates classes; and the RollerJam USA rink.

In regards to schools in the region, Many students attend P.S. 1 the Tottenville School, with about 520 students from prekindergarten to fifth grade. The nearby Totten Intermediate School enrolls about 1,160 students for sixth to eighth grades. It sends most of its students to nearby Tottenville High School, which enrolls about 4,000.


The Staten Island Railway, which runs to the St. George ferry terminal, has 2 stations in the neighborhood: Arthur Kill and Tottenville. 

Express buses include the X22 and X22A, 

Local buses include the S74, S78, and S84

A History

"The Raritan band of the Unami Indians, a branch of the Lenape or Delaware nation, were the original inhabitants of all Staten Island, including Tottenville. During the colonial period and for a significant time thereafter, Tottenville was an important waypoint for travelers between New York City—of which Staten Island did not formally become a part until 1898. Many small factories once dotted the neighborhood's western shoreline, but most are no longer in operation. Boat construction also once flourished along the shoreline, but the industry was rendered obsolete in 1900 when boats began being constructed of steel rather than wood. World War I spawned a revival of shipbuilding activity, but it proved only temporary, and Tottenville's last shipyard closed in 1930. Another activity formerly prominent in Tottenville was the harvesting of oysters from the surrounding waters. This practice ceased in 1916 when the New York City Health Department determined that pollution made it unsafe. As of 2005, oyster harvesting has since been reopened. During the 1990s, the section of Tottenville southeast of Hylan Boulevard, until then nearly uninhabited, saw massive new home construction. The district's population density and crime rate still rank among the lowest in New York City. Until the 2000s, commercial development had largely been restricted to the Main Street corridor in the heart of the neighborhood. A second commercial core began to emerge at the north end of the community along Page Avenue and west of Amboy Road at this time. Further expansion on the neighborhood's north end was seen in 2005 with the redevelopment of the old Nassau Smelting plant. Site clean up began in October 2006, and was scheduled to be finished within a year."

History Source: Tottenville Wikipedia

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