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Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty, Ltd. on Saturday, March 25th, 2017 at 3:55pm.

The Real Estate profession might be one of the toughest careers around. However, with a lot of hard work, honesty, knowledge, and determination, it can be one of the most rewarding. Those who survive in this commission based profession have to love their job and persevere. Suzanne and I recently told our agents that our policy of surrounding ourselves with good people allow great things to happen. We are very proud of each and every agent and staff member because of these amazing people, Tom Crimmins Realty sold 532 homes in 2016 and opened a third location in the Tottenville area. We now have a presence in the North Shore, Mid-Island, and the South Shore. This past Thursday, March 23rd, SIBOR recognized Top Producers islandwide. These Top Producers represent the top 10% of sales in 2016. We are thrilled to say that we had 12 Top Producers in our company.

The Gold Top Producer was Kawing Chiu

The Silver Top Producers were Rashid Bhuiyan, Ross Buxbaum, Thomas Gugliucci, Dale Taranto, and Antonio Vega

The Silver Team Top Producers were Tom Delese and Sallyanne Malfi, Marion Alameda and Lesley Evans

The Bronze Top Producers were Francine Gilberto and Alison Ponterio. 

We are so very proud of these Top Producers as well as each and every agent on our team. And yes we are a team! It's wonderful to watch the admiration, support, and respect they all have for each other! Thanks guys, keep up the great work! See some great photos of even greater people below. 

Suzanne & Tom









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Sheri Aruch wrote: Congratulations to our Top Producers! Happy to be part of such a winning team!

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