Tips on Juggling Your Career & Personal Life

Posted by Tom Crimmins Realty on Friday, December 18th, 2015 at 10:39am.

As a real estate agent, or any other professional, you probably have come across the struggle of achieving a work-life balance. The concept of working towards success is the clear goal, but having a successful personal life is key to having a healthy life too. Real estate agents have the opportunity for a flexible work schedule, yet some agents don't know how to manage their time accordingly. Below is a short list that corresponds with Juanita McDowell's article in this month's New York State REALTOR.

  1. Like most first steps, you need to realize the problem. So here, ask yourself - where is most of my time being spent? Break down your time into whether you are spending it on: work, family, health or a hobby. 
  2. Regardless of your profession, time is valuable and be sure you are spending it towards more success. "As a real estate professional, your valuable time should be spent on lead generation, growing your business and helping people buy and sell homes." You can outsource other tasks that follow out of this spectrum. Continuing on the time category, separate time slots for clients and stick to it! Be sure to give all your clients equal time and attention. This goes for personal tasks as well, such as family functions or dinner plans.
  3. Give yourself a cushion. No matter the job or situation, some appointments may run over. The goal is not to exhaust yourself and have a stress-free mind.
  4. When you are spending time with your family, break away from the phones since you're constantly on them for work. At home, have a technology free zone.

Change is never easy in the beginning, but try sticking to a new balance because the outcome will be a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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